Dave Williams: America's Pacesetting Life Coach
Dave Williams: America's Pacesetting Life Coach
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What Will Be the Sign of Christ’s Coming?

What Will Be the Sign of Christ’s Coming?

We all want to know how close we are to the sound of the trumpet and the calling home of God’s troops. In Matthew 24:3, the disciples asked Jesus three questions that you and I would have probably asked Him if given the opportunity: When will things happen...

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Cancel Culture CANCELED

Cancel Culture CANCELED

Have you ever been slandered, falsely accused, or threatened?  If so, someone was trying to “cancel” you. The religious leaders of the day tried to cancel Jesus —the Son of God Himself—using the same satanic principles the cancel culture uses today: slander,...

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Partner With Dave & Mary Jo

Help us provide grants to inner city ministries that focus on reaching at-risk children, and provide scholarships for pastors and church leaders.

Release the Dynamic Power of Prayer in Your Life

God is looking for a few good men and women! He needs powerful prayer warriors to join his elite team of intercessors. Prayer moves mountains, changes circumstances, and touches God’s heart.


Dave Williams upcoming events:

  • Fri
    7-9PM & 9-12PM202 S. Creyts Rd., Lansing, MI 48917

    Marketplace Leaders

    Dave Williams will be ministering once again at the Kings Group For Marketplace Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and those who wish to achieve a greater dimension of productivity in the market place.

    Dave Williams will give one secret that sets apart the top producers from the “also rans.” You’ll experience a workshop that has advanced many business owners to a new dimension of growth and increase! Many have heard about it, but very few practice this one miracle secret that gives you the leading advantage,

    Click here to register

  • Sun
    10:00 am1360 N Hickory Ridge Trl, Milford, MI 48380

    Hickory Ridge Community Church Map
    Pastor Rich LaBelle




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  • Sale! The New Life the Start of Something Wonderful

    The New Life (Book)

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  • Miracle Results of Fasting

    The Miracle Results of Fasting (Book)

  • How to Help Your Pastor Succeed

    How to Help Your Pastor Succeed (Book)

  • Pacesetting Leadershop Student

    The Art of Pacesetting Leadership: Student Manual

  • Sale! Somebody Needs You

    Somebody Out There Needs You! (Book)

    $4.95 $1.00
  • Jezebel Spirit

    The Jezebel Spirit (Book)

  • Sale!

    Hope in the Last Days

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  • Sale! La Nueva Vida

    La Nueva Vida (Book)

    $8.95 $1.00

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