Dave Williams: America's Pacesetting Life Coach
Dave Williams: America's Pacesetting Life Coach
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What To Do If You Meet An Angel

What To Do If You Meet An Angel

While I was preaching one day, I felt an unusual anointing of God’s presence and power. After the service, several people came up to me — people who were stable and I knew to be spiritual — and said, “Pastor Williams, when you were preaching, it was like a great...

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Angels are Closer than You Think

Angels are Closer than You Think

The following is a transcript from Dave Williams' 6 part series Angels they Are Watching You. Listen for free on YouTube. There’s a scripture in the Bible that says be careful to entertain strangers because many people have entertained strangers and actually were...

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Angels: They Are With Us

Angels: They Are With Us

Have you ever seen an angel? Have you dreamed of angels? Felt an angel nearby? Do you know somebody who says he or she saw an angel? Do you believe it? Have you ever wished you could see an angel? Have there been times when you wanted one to swoop out of the heavens...

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Partner With Dave & Mary Jo

Help us provide grants to inner city ministries that focus on reaching at-risk children, and provide scholarships for pastors and church leaders.

Release the Dynamic Power of Prayer in Your Life

God is looking for a few good men and women! He needs powerful prayer warriors to join his elite team of intercessors. Prayer moves mountains, changes circumstances, and touches God’s heart.


Dave Williams upcoming events:

  • Sun
    2:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m.428 S. Creyts Rd. Lansing, MI

    Ministry of Angels 

    Hear how the Lord activates angels in your life, your career, your family; bring healing and even financial harvest. Learn how important it is to be more spiritually discerning in this season; to know good from evil, truth from a lie.

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  • Thu
    7:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.428 S Creyts Rd, Lansing, MI 48917

    Holy Spirit Seminar

    Learn the role of the Holy Spirit in your life and how He sets you up for miracles. How the Holy Spirit makes all things possible for you. Learn to experience the third-dimensional relationship with the Holy Spirit. The Three Baptisms, How to be Filled, and operate in supernatural gifts.

    Center for Pacesetting Leadership- Map
    Dave Williams
    (517) 731-0000

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    Bible Prophecy Intensive Bundle

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    Fasting Bundle

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    Hope in the Last Days

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    Skill For Battle & Jezebel Spirit (Bundle)

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    The Miracle of Faith Goals (Book)

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  • Miracle Results of Fasting

    The Miracle Results of Fasting (Book)

  • Sale! The New Life Case

    The New Life (Case)

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  • Sale! How to Help Your Pastor Succeed

    How to Help Your Pastor Succeed (Book)

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[FREE 2 Session Audio]