Hope in the Last Days

24 Reasons to
Avoid Yoga

… If You are a Christian

Excerpts and Commentary from the book,
Yoga Craze in the Last Days

Dave Williams’ 260-page book, Yoga Craze in the Last Days,
with over 340 citations coming soon.

Can Yoga Be “Christianized?”

Christian Yoga?

As we approach the coming of Christ, very specific prophesied markers will indicate that the great event is near. Three of the top flashing conditions Jesus and the prophets warned us about are (1) deception, (2) strong delusion, and (3) a falling away from the true faith.

You may have noticed an increasing number of Yoga studios opening up in the past decade. There is probably one in or near your neighborhood. Just a few blocks from my office is a Yoga studio advertising to be a “health and fitness center.”

In this small book, Dr. Dave Williams addresses the contemporary interest and participation in the biblically unsound and deceptive practice of Yoga, including all Christian brands of Yoga (Christian Yoga, Holy Yoga, Pneuma Yoga, Yahweh Yoga, Jesus Yoga, God Yoga, Praise Works Yoga, Christ-centered Yoga, and other emerging “Christian” Yoga businesses).

Are you trading your God-Given destiny for a spiritual counterfeit?

Dr. Dave Williams takes you on a journey he never wanted to take—a journey into the world of deception and delusion. Most Christians have no idea what Yoga really is, and what it can do to their lives and family.

  • Is Yoga the greatest fraud ever perpetrated against American women?
  • Does Christian-style Yoga attract a strong delusion?
  • Are Yoga-related injuries on the rise…including strokes?
  • Does Yoga carry and transmit a certain spirit?
  • Does Yoga conjure up a ‘Counterfeit Holy Spirit?’
  • Does Yoga really open demonic gateways into your life, family, and future?
  • Did God warn His people about mixing pagan practices into their faith?
  • Are Yoga studios actually shrines to Hindu spirits…or demons?
  • How do Christian Yoga teachers justify their practices?
  • Is Yoga actually a Luciferian initiation?

Find out as you read…24 Reasons to Avoid Yoga if You are a Christian.

The Truth About Yoga

Pastor Dave Williams shares some things on Homekeepers, with Arthelene Rippy, that you might not have known about the practice of yoga.

Is Christian yoga a form of sorcery?

Every pastor, every intercessor, and every true believer MUST hear this. An incredibly strong delusion is descending over America.

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About the Author

Dave Williams is a teacher, coach, and trainer to successful, pacesetting leaders in ministry, business, and life. After more than 30 years of leading a flourishing church and establishing more than 500 daughter churches around the world, he has the knowledge and experience to help you succeed and be fruitful in your life’s calling.



Do You Know Someone who is Trading Their God-Given Destiny for a Spiritual Counterfeit?

Find out how Germany experienced a “collective awakening” through Yoga…just before getting Adolph Hitler, World War II, and “The Final Solution Holocaust.” See Dr. Williams’ comprehensive research on Yoga, with the goal of rescuing those who have been deluded into a demonic practice that the Bible calls “sorcery.”

  • 260+ pages
  • Warnings from Former Yoga Instructors Included
  • 342 Citations and references


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