I have the privilege of discussing my article What to Do if You Miss the Rapture published on Charisma News and my new book, Hope in the Last Days, on Crosspoint with Mark Taylor, president of Sky High Broadcasting and GM of KNEO and Radiohost of Crosspoint. Mark Taylor invites Christian leaders to discuss the role of the church in today’s world and issues on the horizon. Crosspoint’s goal is to challenge the body of Christ to be attentive to the current times, prepare for the end times and become more active in society.

Station: 91.7 KNEO of Joplin, Missouri
May 18-21: Thursday at 5pm, Saturday at 1am and 2pm, and Sunday at 7pm.
KNEO radio operates in the Neosho-Joplin area of southwest Missouri on the 91.7 FM signal. It is KNEO’s duty to provide you with the programming you need to be an informed christian.

Not in the Joplin area? Listen online here.  

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