Dave Williams: America's Pacesetting Life Coach
Dave Williams: America's Pacesetting Life Coach
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The Paramount Question

The Paramount Question

In this day of pandemic, riots, protests, and utter lawlessness in many parts of our own country, we all must face the most important universal question of all time: Do you believe what the Bible says about Jesus Christ? Is He who He says He is? And...what have you...

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It’s Later Than You Think!

It’s Later Than You Think!

Often we miscalculate the timing of coming events. In early 2007, I predicted that a real estate bubble was coming. Skilled, respected, and professional realtor, Kim Bender, told me, “No, it’s never happened before.” By the end of 2008, however, she called me a...

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Partner With Dave & Mary Jo

Help us provide grants to inner city ministries that focus on reaching at-risk children, and provide scholarships for pastors and church leaders.

Release the Dynamic Power of Prayer in Your Life

God is looking for a few good men and women! He needs powerful prayer warriors to join his elite team of intercessors. Prayer moves mountains, changes circumstances, and touches God’s heart.


Dave Williams upcoming events:

Event Information:

  • Fri

    The King’s Group of Marketplace Ambassadors

    7-9PM & 9-11AM202 S. Creyts Rd., Lansing, MI 48917

    Move Up on Your Mountain

    Attention all Club 52 alliance members and those who desire to become a “millionaire with a mission”

    Pastor Dave Williams will be the featured presenter for The King’s Group of Marketplace Ambassadors. If you’re a business owner, leader, manager, investor, or are in sales, you’ll want to be here for this.

    The seminar is open to all business owners, leaders, managers, young entrepreneurs, and those who want to go higher on their mountain of influence.


    • 21 big mistakes business owners and leaders make and how to avoid them or correct them
    • 21 things successful and productive business owners and leaders know and do that others don’t
    • how actual business leaders went from being in the hole to going over $1 million in net assets

    This may be the one big opportunity for you to plan for a future of influence, productivity, and to enjoy the benefits of being a marketplace ambassador.


    No registration fee, but a free-will offering will be taken both days. You may bring a guest if you email us. In order to adhere to current guidelines, we are only accepting about 200 registrations.

    Email TerryHart@icloud.com if you are interested in attending.

    But...hurry! You must let us know you will be attending so we can reserve your seat.


Best Sellers

  • Miracle Results of Fasting

    The Miracle Results of Fasting (Book)

  • Sale! The New Life the Start of Something Wonderful

    The New Life (Book)

    $8.95 $2.95
  • Sale! How to Help Your Pastor Succeed

    How to Help Your Pastor Succeed (Book)

    $12.95 $4.00
  • Pacesetting Leadershop Student

    The Art of Pacesetting Leadership: Student Manual

  • Sale! Jezebel Spirit

    The Jezebel Spirit (Book)

    $9.95 $2.00
  • Sale! La Nueva Vida

    La Nueva Vida (Book)

    $8.95 $1.00
  • Sale!

    Hope in the Last Days

    $15.99 $12.00
  • Sale! Skill for Battle

    Skill For Battle (Book)

    $14.99 $3.00

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[FREE 2 Session Audio]
[FREE 2 Session Audio]