Dave Williams: America's Pacesetting Life Coach
Dave Williams: America's Pacesetting Life Coach
Pacesetting leadership Course


24 Reasons to Avoid Yoga…If You are A Christian

Excerpts and Commentary from the book, Yoga Craze in the Last Days.

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Great Financial Realignment

Great Financial Realignment

Good News for Some; Bad for Others. Will the market crash and wipe out your retirement and savings? No…the market is not going to crash. There will be normal corrections, but not a financial earthquake, tsunami, or meltdown. How do I know? Jesus said it would be...

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Unsigned Notes

Unsigned Notes

Everyone (especially if you are a pastor or leader) has received at least one. My friend Wayne Benson once called them “sniper notes.” That’s a good description. Maybe you have struggled with unsigned “sniper notes,” wondering who wrote them. In many cases, you can...

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Help us provide grants to inner city ministries that focus on reaching at-risk children, and provide scholarships for pastors and church leaders.

Release the Dynamic Power of Prayer in Your Life

God is looking for a few good men and women! He needs powerful prayer warriors to join his elite team of intercessors. Prayer moves mountains, changes circumstances, and touches God’s heart.


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    The Miracle Results of Fasting (Book)

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    The New Life (Book)

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    How to Help Your Pastor Succeed (Book)

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    The Art of Pacesetting Leadership: Student Manual

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