Dave Williams: America's Pacesetting Life Coach
Dave Williams: America's Pacesetting Life Coach

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The Chilling Accuracy of the Ancient Prophets

https://youtu.be/q8oNgH2Aj0w An unprecedented alignment of last days nations and groups is taking place today. According to the prophets Ezekiel and Daniel, this alignment would take place in the “latter times” (Ezekiel 38:8, 16; Daniel 2:28). The specific positioning...

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Partner With Dave & Mary Jo

Help us provide grants to inner city ministries that focus on reaching at-risk children, and provide scholarships for pastors and church leaders.


Dave Williams upcoming events:

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  • Invite Dave

    Invite Dave

    Dave is a popular speaker at camps, rallies, minister’s conferences, churches, civic group meetings, business training sessions, colleges, and Bible Schools. He served 30 years as pastor of Mount Hope Church in Lansing, Michigan and has authored over 60 books, some in many different languages and sales exceeding 2.5 million copies. Dave is sought out for missions’ conventions and leadership conferences. During his tenure as pastor, over $40,000,000 was given to missions’ projects globally. (S.R. Thompson, C.P.A.)

    Dave says, “I don’t go anywhere to ‘speak’ anymore; I go to impart something from heaven.”

    Dave Williams and his intercessory prayer partners pray over every invitation without regard to the size of the venue. Our desire is to be exceptionally sensitive to the Holy Spirit and to exceed your expectations by helping your event to be remarkably fruitful.

    Dave speaks primarily on a variety of topics, such as leadership, finance, and spiritual life.

    Below is a list of commonly requested seminars Dave conducts in addition to ministering at church services.

    • The Wealthy Place Seminar
    • Dismantling Strongholds Seminar
    • Faith Goals Seminar
    • Fasting & Prayer Seminar
    • Engaging the Prophetic Realm Seminar
    • Filled! With the Holy Spirit Seminar
    • Intercessory Prayer Seminar
    • Connecting to the Great Commission—Missions Conference
    • The Art of Pacesetting Leadership
    • Pacesetting Leaders of the Third Millenium Seminar
    • What Highly Productive Pastors Know and Do that Other's Don't
    • Practical Pastoral Ministries
    • Turning Ordinary Talks into Heavenly Impartations

    Customary Considerations

    We only publish the following because it is requested so often. Dr. Williams accepts invitations as the Holy Spirit directs and will never use finances as the criteria for accepting an engagement.

    • Air travel for three (Dave, Mary Jo, and Road Manager)
    • Ground transportation (rental car or on-duty driver)
    • Two hotel rooms
    • Expenses / meals
    • Offering or prearranged honorarium
    • Also a product table will be set up to bless the attendees

    NOTE: We always seek to get the best available airfares and never take advantage of our hosts’ kindness. In smaller venues and missions’ events, we can sometimes help by using frequent flyer miles. Dave and Mary Jo typically recruit intercessors, at no expense to the host, to pray during events. Some travel with him; others stay in their special places of prayer.


    To Invite Dr. Dave Williams to Minister at your Event

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[FREE 2 Session Audio]