Wealthy people don’t have less challenges, problems, mountains, annoyances, and threats than others. In fact, they have more! When you are pursuing your dream, planning something big with God, there will be frustrations, setbacks, threats, and annoyances. The devil makes sure of that (Read the Parable of the Sower).

Someone said, “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals.”

Wealthy people with millionaire thinking ALWAYS persist during those ‘fascinating’ times. After the test, you’ll discover the testimony of increase and advancement on the other side if you don’t give up.

When you face your Red Sea and you’re trapped, you’ll discover a miracle arriving just in time.

In fact, I was talking with someone a while ago about how every time I’ve faced something unjust, troubling, or irritating … and didn’t quit, afterward ‘ every time ‘ something BIG was released upon me.

Read this prophetic word that came to me during my prayer time. I put it in my book of prophetic words, Private Garden.

You are often troubled by the cares of this life, making Me seem distant rather than close to you. Remember, Child, the cares of this life have the power to choke My Word, making it ineffectual in its power to bless, profit, and bring about a miracle change.


Yes, your enemy has spread a net for you; a trap; a snare. He brings to your mind worries, fears, anxieties which I never intended for you. Step around those wicked snares and let My Words penetrate your heart with a joyful power.


Follow My Words, not your own schemes, or the pressures from others who compromise My will. Allow My Spirit to speak to you through My Word, which I have exalted even above My Name.


If you hearken to My tender voice of love toward you, dread, disaster and calamity will remain far from you and treasures beyond your finite grasp will break forth upon you. Treasure our times together, my darling child, and receive My wisdom for your complete victory.


I have given you a special assignment, My Dear Child. Even as I assigned Paul to preach to the Gentiles and Peter to preach to the Jews, I have commissioned you for a special assignment, too.


Many are called, but few are chosen. Yes, I have called many to a unique mission, but few will be fruitful. Why, you ask? Let me tell you, and listen with all your heart.


Many fail in their assignment because they are not faithful in the small things. They despise the seemingly insignificant daily assignments I have given them, not really convinced that I alone am He who promotes and advances to greater things only those who are reliable and available and steadfast in the smaller assignments.


Your assignment, My Child, will come into clarity and greater focus as you first develop a joy and tenacity in achieving the small things I’ve invited you to do. Second, as you trust Me for gifts, anointing and holy energizing of your natural abilities, making them supernatural, you’ll see how I will move you into greater things. And, finally, as you daily humble yourself before both Me and others, you’ll find a divine lifting; an advancement from heaven.


Yes, I have given you a special assignment that will bring great glory to the preeminent one – My Son, Jesus. I have called you to a great and mighty assignment and have chosen you to succeed and be fruitful in it. Remember My words and do them, and it all will spring forth like the morning sun.

God intends for you to go from victory to victory. It’s your job to hold steady and persevere. It’s God job to bring you the miracles … and He’ll do it!

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