The following is a transcript from Dave Williams’ 6 part series Angels they Are Watching You. Listen for free on YouTube.

There’s a scripture in the Bible that says be careful to entertain strangers because many people have entertained strangers and actually were entertaining angels but were unaware that they were angels.

A knock came to the door one day. A lady answered the door, and there was a gentleman standing at the door, and he said, “Lady, I need a place to stay for the night.” And she said, “You’ve got to be kidding me.” And he said, “No, I don’t have any place to sleep tonight, and I thought I’d stop here and see if I could stay over at your place.” And the lady said, “Well, I’m sorry. You’ll have to go down to the rescue mission or someplace, but you can’t stay here.” And he said, “Don’t you know the Bible says to be careful because you must entertain strangers because in so doing, you may be entertaining an angel.” She said, “I’m familiar with that scripture, sir, but I’m sure heavenly angels don’t smell like liquor.”

Not all angels who say they’re angels are really angels. In fact, St. Paul said that Satan himself can transform himself into an angel of light with the purpose of bringing deception, tragedy and destruction into human lives.

Angels are Closer Than You Think

We’re beginning a series today on angels. They’re closer than you think. They’re nearer than you dreamed. They’re watching. There is another world coexisting with this physical world, and that other world is watching today. That other world is involved in the affairs of men.

I want us to open our Bibles and begin with Psalm 34:7. Today we’re going to begin to talk about why we’re studying about angels, some of the false notions about angels, what angels are and what they do, and then next week we will continue with what angels do.

Psalm 34, verse 7. This is interesting. It says this: “The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear Him and delivereth him — delivereth them.” The angel of the Lord encircles those who reverence God, and these angels, it says, deliver them or rescue them. Now down in Chapter 35, verse 5, it says, concerning the enemies of this believer in God, David, it said, “Let them as chaff before the wind.” And listen to this; this is so wonderful. It says, “It says let the angel of the Lord chase them.” The angel of the Lord will chase your enemies.

God loves you so much. He gave you angels to watch over you. He gave you angels to protect you. He gave you angels to surround your family and your property. He loves you so much He’s released angels into the earth to even chase your enemies and better than that, verse 6: “Let their way be dark and slippery, and let the angel of the Lord persecute them.” For those who cause trouble to God’s people, He will cause angels to chase them and persecute them.

Have you ever known somebody that just has trouble after trouble after trouble after trouble after trouble, and they’re always the ones that are cranking about Christians somehow? Could there be an angel involved in that?

Beware of Impostors

Now go over to second Corinthians if you would. I want to just lay a good foundation for this series. Second Corinthians, Chapter 11. Paul was talking about false ministers, hucksters, impostors that seemed to rule their head even in the early church. After Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead and went to heaven and the church was being formed, there were phonies that were coming into the pulpits. There were impostors calling themselves apostles and prophets and evangelists and teachers and pastors and so forth.

And Paul said in verse 13, he described them, and he said, “For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.” In other words, phonies saying they’re men of God. In verse 14, he says something very significant. He says, “And no marvel, for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore, it’s no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness whose end shall be according to their words.”

There is an invisible realm that intermingles with the physical, natural world. Angels are nearer than you think. But as Paul said here, Satan himself can transform himself into what would appear to be an angel for the purpose of deceiving and destroying a person’s life. That’s one of the reasons for this series is because 10 years ago, you couldn’t find two books about angels at the bookstore. If you went to a bookstore 10 years ago and said, “I’d like a book about angels,” they’d take you to some section, maybe a metaphysical section or occult section, and you might find two books about angels. Today, there are entire sections at bookstores.

Angels are Everywhere

See, I had an eye-opener this past Christmas when I was Christmas shopping. I went into a card store, and lo and behold, it seemed like one-third of the cards had angels on them. Not only that, but there were also angel displays, figurines, pins, angels that will protect you. They were selling one little figurine. It was $300. It was a crystal angel that they said would protect your home. Boy, I sure am glad I’m not trusting in a little piece of glass to protect me because when an earthquake comes, that little piece of glass is going to fall off the shelf and break into 5 million pieces. Then what am I going to do, glue it together to protect me from the next earthquake? Of course not. I’m glad that I’ve got real protectors from the invisible realm sent by God!

There’s music about angels; there are movies about angels. There used to be one or two movies about angels; “It’s a Wonderful Life” with Jimmy Stewart. You know, George Bailey meets Clarence the angel who’s gonna earn his wings? When the bell rings, he earns his wings?

You know, there’s nothing in the Bible that says an angel earns wings, nothing in the Bible about a bell ring. It’s all fantasy, all fairytale. But yet, we always talk about, “Well, you heard a bell. An angel earned his wings.” And that was a popular movie. It’s still popular today around Christmastime. You see “It’s a Wonderful Life.” But now, look at the movies about angels: “Angels in the Outfield.” Television programs: “Heaven Can Wait,” “Highway to Heaven,” and all these different media productions about angels.

You know, angels are pretty popular right now. Somebody even sent me a little ad from a catalog about an angel pin you can buy, regularly $119, now marked down to $44, and if you wear it on your lapel, it’ll protect you. And it’s a picture of a little infant with a bare bottom sticking up, and he’s carrying a bow and arrow, looks like a cupid. Well, I’m glad I don’t have some 3-month -old with an arrow, bow and arrow that’s my guardian angel. I’d be in a whole heap of trouble if cupid was my guardian angel, and so would you because he’s a fantasy; he’s not real. It’s a false notion concerning angels.

What Angels Really Do

I was talking with a member of this church, George Osmer. One morning he got up and he felt particularly impressed to pray for his daughter who lived in a mobile home park. And he said he didn’t know why, he’d never prayed this way before, but he prayed, “Dear God, surround Laurie with angels.” He just prayed, “God, protect her with angels.”

Well, Laurie happened to leave something on her stove that day in her house trailer. She went off to sleep; it caught fire. Her house trailer was in blazes, and out of nowhere, a man walked through the door; her dog didn’t bark at the man. He walked in and pickup up Laurie, took her and her dog out of the blazes of that house trailer as it burnt to ashes, and then the man disappeared. She sought frantically to find the man that saved her life, asking neighbors. None of the neighbors saw this man. She described him. Nobody saw. Although they saw her house trailer in flames, nobody saw the man that pulled her out.

You see, angels never want to be thanked. They refuse to be worshipped. They just do the job God sent them to do, and then they go. They’re creatures of few words. They don’t chat about trivia. They just speak what they’re supposed to speak, and then they get on with their business and then they’re gone. Angels.

A mother was washing her dishes one day, and she heard her little 2 1/2 year-old Lisa playing in the living room, and all of a sudden it dawned on her that she hadn’t heard Lisa in a little while. She wondered what happened. She looked out the window, and there down just a little way, there’s a railroad track that went by the back of the house there. And she looked, and to her horror, and you can imagine as a parent who this would horrify you. Your 2 1/2-year-old was playing on the railroad track, and it was just the time the train came through every day. And the mother could hear the train horn, and she could actually feel the vibration of the train coming. She looked out there and screamed to Jesus. As she did, she saw a man dressed in white, a tall man dressed in white, whisk her daughter off the railroad track to the side of the track. Just then train went by and she was, the mother was running out to get her daughter, and she could see that figure in white with his arm around the little girl as the train passed, and by the time the mother got to the little girl, the man in the white was gone. Angels have been sent to protect, to camp around us, to watch out for us, to rescue us, to bring blessings to some people’s lives or to deliver tribulation to other people’s lives, as in the case of Psalm 35.

And reports, believe it or not, are continually today flowing into major ministry headquarters around the world concerning visitors from another realm. There have been more and more angel sightings than ever before. More and more reports are coming into ministry headquarters around the world about these strange visitors from another world, angels, and always, they’re warning of impending judgment and pointing to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Tour companies are now promoting tour packages to angel conferences. There are angel newsletters. According to Time Magazine, 69% of Americans believe in angels, but we have to go to God’s Word to find out the difference between a true angel and a false angel, the truth about angels and lies about angels. Why? Because Jesus said two men built their house, one on the sand, one on the rock. The storms came. One was leveled, lost it all; the other stood. What was the difference? Well, one built his house on experience, “Well, you know, I think this; I think that. Well, I’ve had this experience. This has happened to me. My imagination tells me this, blah, blah, blah.” Builds his house; storm came; it was leveled. The other guy said, “Jesus,” builds his house by coming to Jesus, hearing His words and then doing His words. It was a solid foundation, and then when trouble, storms of life came, that house was left standing. And so what I want to do is build a foundation about angels based on God’s Word because experiences can lie. I found out that when people have contrascriptual experiences and then promote them as being a great and glorious thing from God, it’s really a great and glorious thing from one of two sources: one, imagination, or two, a demon spirit that is disguised as an angel of light.

A pastor in his 30s became sick. This light came into the room, and the room was filled with this brilliant light, and at the end of his bed was this glowing creature. This glowing creature said, “Pastor, this sickness is unto death.” He said, “I have been sent by God to tell you that this sickness is unto death, that you are going to die of this sickness, and when you do, great glory will be brought to the Heavenly Father.”

Well, this pastor, he said, “Oh, that’s wonderful,” because, you know, everybody has those days when you just want to go to heaven, you know, some days more than others. And he would be — it was a relief to him. “Okay, now I know. This sickness is going to kill me and I’m going to go to heaven and God’s going to get glory out of this.” Well, he started telling everybody about his experience. It was just, “Oh, it was so glorious. This angel from God appeared at the end of my bed and told me that my sickness was going to kill me and God was going to get glory out of it.”

Finally, a couple of ministers that were there looked at him and said, “Pastor, what that creature that entered your room said to you, how does it line up with the Word of God, the Scriptures?” And the guy said, “Well, it had to be an angel from God because he was so brilliant and radiant, and I felt so much warmth when he came in the room.”

And they said, “Nowhere in God’s Word does it say that God gets glory out of sickness and death. Always glory was brought to God when people were healed and made well. Read the Gospels. Even the man that was born blind, they said, ‘Why was he born blind?’ Jesus said something about the glory of God, but it wasn’t the blindness; it was when he was made to see that God received glory!” And he said, “Don’t you realize that the Bible says that by His stripes we’re healed. The 39 whip marks on Jesus’ back were put there for our healing!”

And he said all of a sudden the true light came on, and he saw. “I believed a lie. I believed an experience more than I believed God’s Word.” And he repented, and he renounced the experience that so-called angel that came into his room, and the ministers prayed for him and guess what? A heat came from the top of his head down to the soles of his feet, and that pastor was healed, and he’s still preaching the Gospel today! But what if . . . what if he would’ve believed the lies of that creature that was disguised as an angel? He’d be dead today in heaven, and it’d be great to be in heaven, but think of how many people that he would not have been able to reach had he gone to heaven at a young age like that.

The Bible is our Foundation.

Now, the Bible is our foundation stone. Jesus is the cornerstone. The Bible is our foundation. It’s where we learn all about Jesus. That’s why Jesus said, “Learn of me.” He said, “Become my disciples.” He said, “If you continue in the Word, then you’re my disciples indeed and you’ll know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” Experiences which are contrascriptual, and there’s a host of books on the market today. Unfortunately even in Christian bookstores, many of the books on angels are full of angels, angel experiences that are so unlike the angels of the Bible. So if experience is contrascriptual, it can have one of two sources: imagination or a demonic impostor.

You know the danger of that is the Bible says the devil came to steal, kill, and destroy the thief. Jesus came that we might have life, and that we might have life abundantly. And most of the books about angels, at least in the secular market, are not talking about heavenly angels; they’re talking about what the Old Testament called “familiar spirits.” Moses told the people of God that if they ever deal in familiar spirits, they’ll be cut off from God’s people, and they’ll be cut off from the promise land. Heaven will never be their home if they deal with familiar spirits.

Now, what are familiar spirits? They’re those impostor spirits. They’re lying spirits. They claim to be something they’re not. In the Old Testament, they had mediums and witches that would conjure spirits of the dead. Well, the Bible tells us they weren’t spirits of the dead at all; they were what the Bible calls “familiar spirits” or demons. But they would imitate people that had died.

This became popularized by the Fox sisters when they invented the spiritism religion, and mediums became quite popular especially after World War II when people wanted to contact their dead loved ones who died in the war, and that was trafficking in familiar spirits. And anybody that got involved in that had to deny Jesus, had to deny the Word of God. You see, there’s only one mediator between God and man, and that’s Jesus.

Then came the new age movement. It started picking up steam in the ‘60s, and they had “spirit guides”. Same thing, familiar spirits. You can pray and get a spirit guide, use mantras, chants, other different methods, visualization was popularized, occultic visualization, and you could conjure up a spirit guide within you that would guide. That was nothing more than the Old Testament familiar spirits which promises those that deal in that will be cut off from God’s people and will have to spend eternity in hell if they don’t repent and come to Christ. So, you can’t get a Christian, a born-again Christian to follow spirit guides. I mean, how do I know what kind of a spirit it is?

So what do they do? They hijack the word “angel” and so now they call them angels! ‘You can get an angel guide! You can get in touch with your angel! You can actually become an angel if you evolve to that state.’

And it all goes back to that same old thing, the thing that was forbidden by God, dealing with familiar spirits or demon spirits, posing as angels. They’re impostors. That’s why we need to lay a clear foundation for what the Bible says because demonic activity is increasing and intensifying as we approach the coming of Christ. But the good news is angelic activity is increasing and intensifying too. And I got good news: there are two-thirds more good angels than there are fallen angels. Actually, actually I said that wrong. There are two times more good angels than there are fallen angels. Two-thirds stayed straight with God, one-third fell into sin.

Now, famous people have had encounters with angels. George Washington claimed he had an angel visit him one day and show him three wars the United States would face. Billy Graham wrote a book about 15 years ago called “Angels, God’s Secret Agents.” Great book. Since that time, Billy was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. And he was ready to quit, retire, just go to heaven. How many have ever had one of those days where you just want to pull the covers over your head and say, “God, could you just — God, God, I want out of here.” I mean, you know heaven’s so much better than this dumpy place we live. But an angel came to Billy — he doesn’t talk about it much, but people close to Billy Graham will tell you that he talks about it.

But an angel came to Billy and said, “Billy, you can’t quit. You’re not going to go home until your work is done. You’ve got to keep preaching.” And people that know Billy say that — in fact, Ed did some work with Billy Graham and said that he’s a very frail man, very frail, until he gets into the pulpit and the power of God comes on him and he preaches with more anointing than I’ve ever heard him preach. And here a few years ago he was ready to retire and just go to be with Jesus. But he keeps — why does he keep on? Because an angel from God told him he had to keep preaching the Gospel.

George Handel, when he was composing — when he was composing “Handel’s Messiah,” “Hallelujah, hallelujah.” All over the world, people stand when Handel’s Messiah is sung or played. Why? What is the power behind the Hallelujah Chorus of Handel’s Messiah? Handel said that while he was writing — he came out of a session, a writing session. He writes about it. When he wrote Messiah, he came out, his face was radiant, his face was wet with tears and yet bright; he said that angels were all around that room and said he could take no credit for composing that masterpiece because angels from heaven gave it to him. And even today, there still rings and reeks with anointing when we hear Handel’s Messiah.

Angels are not cupids.

Angels are not infants with wings, as some of the paintings depict. They’re not effeminate creatures. In fact, in the Bible, they’re never depicted as a women but always in the masculine. Even though they don’t marry, they’re always depicted in the masculine. They’re not fairies, they’re not elves, they’re not leprechauns, they’re not birds, they’re not mythical creatures, they’re not half-man/half-animal. These common notions of angels is such a far cry from the awe-inspiring, majestic, strong beings called angels that the Bible talks about! The Bible never depicts the angels as any of those things. What they are is they’re spirits. Hebrews 1:4-13, they’re spirits. They’re not disembodies spirits; they have spiritual bodies. They can be seen in that other world that’s just beyond the veil of this world. They’re spirits, although they’re not omnipresent. They can’t be every place at once. They’ve got to travel just like you do. The only thing is they go a lot faster than you do. How fast do they go? They can travel at the speed of thought. Right now, everybody think “California.” Are you thinking “California”? That’s how fast they can go to California. As fast as you can think it, they can go. They travel at the speed of thought.

They’re messengers, deputies, dispatched ones, ambassadors. Daniel called them watchers. They’re watching. They’re watching you today. They’re watching your life. They watch you as you get into your car. They watch you when you’re home. They watch you at work. They watch you at school.. They watch you as you sit in the pew at church. They’re watching. They’re all over. If we could lift the veil of the spirit realm right now, there would be angels all over watching today. They love to look into intently things concerning salvation and what makes humans tick. The Bible says it’s a mystery to angels how humans can be so evil and then through an act of putting faith in Jesus Christ simply become born again and made into a new creature a little higher than the angels. You see, we were made a little lower than the angels, but when we accept Christ and Christ comes and lives in us, we are recreated and then we’re a little higher than the angels. We’re a different class than angels.

You see, now what are they teaching? Well, since the cosmonauts 1987, October, the Soviet cosmonauts went up, shortly before the fall of communism. They went up into space and lo and behold guess what happened? You see, angels can sometimes manifest themselves in all their majesty, or sometimes they’ll manifest themselves as humans., look like humans so you’re not scared of them. That’s how we’re told in Hebrews that you can sometimes mistake strangers who’re really angels.

But the cosmonauts, six Soviet cosmonauts saw seven angels manifest in space. They looked and they were a hundred feet high; they glowed. They were in such white it was almost blue. It was — they were dressed so white. Their wings were the span of a jetliner or more, and these seven angels just looked around their space capsule, and just kept looking and smiling. For ten minutes, seven angels captivated these six Soviet cosmonauts.

When they got back to earth, all six of them were excited. Ten minutes. Ten minutes was the appearance. They were so excited that the realm of the supernatural does exist; they saw it; they knew they were angels. They got back, and do you know what the atheists said? They weren’t angels, they were highly evolved humans. The same lie that many new-age philosophies teach today is that humans can evolve into angels or they can digress into demons.

Here’s the news: humans — excuse me. Humans will never evolve into angels. Humans will never regress into demons. Demons will never become angels. Angels will never become humans, although they may appear as humans; and demons will never become humans, although they can inhabit some humans. There’s different classes. There’s no crossover. When you die, leave this life, your spirit goes to heaven, you’re going to be you throughout eternity. You’re not going to be a devil or an angel. You’re going to be a human being from — throughout eternity somewhere, either heaven or hell, but you’re going to be you forever. No earning wings. If you’re in hell, no bail or bond. You’re just going to be you. And whatever state you die in when you die, that’s the way you are for eternity, but you’re always going to be you.

Now these Soviets saw angels in their majesty. Others have seen angels as humans. I told you about Ken Gaub, an evangelist we have here frequently. Every couple of years or so I like to bring Ken here. Ken was coming in from overseas. He lives in Yakima, Washington, but he flies into Seattle, Washington and leaves his car at the airport. Then he has to drive the rest of the way.

Well, he left his van at the airport, flew into Seattle, and said, “Oh, I just, I want to get home tonight.” The drive was — I think it was a couple of hours between Seattle and Yakima. And it was late, but he wanted to get home, so he got in his van, and he took off and lo and behold, he has to go to the bathroom. Usually that happens to our kids, doesn’t it? “I’ve got to go to the bathroom.” Ken had to go to the bathroom. Where’s he going to stop and go? Well, he knew about this little restaurant on the way where he likes to stop. He got there and it was closed. But he was hoping the rest room door was open. It was one of those outdoor ones. I mean you get in from the outside. And so he went up and — he went up and apparently he relieved himself, got back in the van and it wouldn’t start. It’s pitch black. Nobody is around, and he thought, “Well, Lord, I just wanted to get home so bad.” But there was no place he could get any help at that time of night. He said, “I’m just going to go to sleep.” And so he lay there, and then he heard a knock. Here was some guy knocking on his window. He looked at the guy and then he thought, “Oh, no. Weirdo.” But something told him roll the window down. He rolled the window down. He had this real warm feeling. The guy said, “Van won’t start, huh?” Ken said, “No.” He said, “You want me to fix it?” Ken said, “Well, you — you think you can fix it?” He said, “Sure.”

Guy lifted up the hood — it’s pitch black, and started working under the hood, no light. It’s pitch black. Here he’s working under the hood just… Puts the hood down and said, “It’ll start now.” Ken looks at the — now Ken’s getting suspicious. What’d this guy do under my hood? Ken turned the key, and it started right up, and the guy smiled. And Ken got out of the van and he reached into his pocket and said, “Oh, man, thank you! Here, let me pay you.” And the guy looked at the money and laughed and said, “Ho, ha, ha, what would I do with that?!” Ken said, “No, really.” And the guy said, “I have no use for that where I come from.”

Ken put the money away. He got in the van, and he sat there and said, “Thank you, Jesus.” And he looked, and the guy was gone. He sat there for a half-hour just crying and thanking God that God loved him enough to send him an angel when he wanted to get home to his wife.

Sometimes they appear in human form. Sometimes they appear in all their majesty. Sometimes they may appear as somebody you know. A mother who had a straw farm, they make the real straw brooms, had a straw farm, and she was out picking straw with her son Earnest, four years old, and they’re out in the — the straw’s way over Earnest’s head, but he’s helping mom. And somehow he wandered off. He looked around and mom wasn’t there. Mom looked around, Earnest wasn’t there. They’re looking for each other. He calls mom, she doesn’t hear him. He was there for a long time out in the straw. And he cried out, “Jesus, help me.” Just then, his mother said, “Come on, Earnest, let’s go back to the house.”

He and his mother, walking back to the house, and when they get to the back porch, all of a sudden the door opens, and his mother says, “Earnest, I’ve been looking all over for you,” and he looks, and the other mother’s gone! And he said — he said, “Mother, I was looking for you.” And she said, “Well, I was looking for you. I thought maybe you came back to the house for something, and I came back here looking for you. I’ve been so worried about you!” And he said, “Well, I was lost until you came and got me.” She said, “I didn’t come and get you.” She said, “I was here looking for you.” You know what I think that was? An angel that appeared in human form, somebody that Earnest knew and loved so that he wouldn’t be frightened. Can you imagine a ten-foot angel appearing to a four-year-old? “Hey, kid, come on. Let me take you home.” Especially if the angel looked like Scott, you know?

They sometimes appear in their majesty, but more often they appear in human form. What do they do? They work behind the scenes in the drama of world events as agents of God to convey blessings or to execute judgment.

In the ministry of Jesus, they announced His birth. They provided protection for His mom and dad, warned ‘em — or for His mom and Joseph, and warned them to get out of where they were and go into Egypt for a while. The ministry of angels brought comfort to Jesus after He was tempted. They ministered to Him in the garden of agony. They appeared with Him in the transfiguration. They announced His resurrection. And even angels were there when He ascended into heaven because you know the guys were standing around, looking, “Wow, that’s — how does He do that? That is so cool!” You know, just ZOOP, rose up in through the clouds up there. And they probably would’ve made a shrine of the place where He ascends — well, they did. We were there, but… They probably were just — broke their necks looking up there trying to figure out how He did it if these two angels hadn’t said, “Look, guys, this same Jesus that went into heaven that way, the same Jesus, not another Jesus, but the same Jesus is going to likewise in a like manner come back to this earth again someday.” They said, “Let’s get on with it now.”

Angels were always involved in Jesus’ ministry. And if you read the book of Acts — you know, we — I think we focused on demons way too much and way too long. I think the church has focused on the power of the devil and the work of demons way too much. If you study the book of Acts, there’re more experiences with angels than there are with demons.

And that’s whats so amazing. Now finally, the church is realizing that the gift of discerning of spirits is not the gift of discerning demons. It’s discerning spirits. Well, angels are spirits too.

And let me tell you, they are all over this place this morning. There are angels here to go home with you, to protect you, to watch over you. But you know what? I’m going to stop here today. We’ll pick up again next week. But the Bible says, and here, listen carefully. Listen very carefully. The Bible says that angels are ministering spirits to those who will be heirs of salvation. In other words, those who will one day accept Christ, and God knows they will. He will protect them with angels. Those who will not come to Christ one day have no such guarantee of protection for them or their families. This is why I think the most foolish thing — and I talk to intellectuals; they think it’s really smart. “Well, I don’t bring my children up in any religion. I’m going to wait until they’re 18 or 20 and then they can choose their own religion.”

Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb. You don’t have any angels watching over you. They may never even get to 18 years old. That is the dumbest thing! The best thing a parent can do for a child is raise that child in a place where they teach about Jesus Christ, the Son of Almighty God, the Savior of man and the Lord of heaven and earth! Because a child, a child that knows the ways of God and the commandments of God and the child that knows the way of salvation is so much more likely to come to Jesus than one who has never even heard of Jesus.   Oh, I want my kids to have the angels of the Lord camped around about them. I want my property, my family to have the angels of the Lord.

So number one, we’ve got to come to Jesus. You know you look close at me, you’ll see a lot of scars on me. I believe God knew that one day I would come to Jesus Christ. I defied death eight times. I figured it out. I figured I have one more life to go. Nine lives. Thank God that 9th life became the abundant life I found in Jesus. But I know this: I know that if I was not going to one day be an heir of salvation, today, this beautiful day when we gripe about the cold, I’d be down in the regions of the damned in my cell awaiting the great white throne judgment. I believe God sent angels to protect me in accident after accident because I would be an heir of salvation.

But you say, “Dave, what about this one or that one that I know that God didn’t somehow send an angel to protect?” There’s a Biblical reason for it, and as we progress in this series, I’m going to tell you why, and it’s a good reason, a very good reason you need to know why. Why does tragedy occur sometimes? Why does it seem the protective angels are withdrawn?

There is a reason and we’ll talk about that and we’ll get to that, but let me say this. If you’re an heir of salvation, there’s only one way. And that’s we’ve got to say, “God, I’m willing to turn from my sins,” and you know what sin is. And “Jesus, I’m willing to turn to you as my only hope.” You see two dangers about angels, just two. Number one, you don’t worship them. They’re not chit-chatty. They don’t sit and chitchat with you. People that say they chitchat with angels are chitchatting with demons. Demons are always chitchatting about trivia, nothing. Angels say what they’ve got to say and then they’re out.

You don’t worship demons — or you don’t worship angels, and number two, you don’t pray to angels because the Bible says there’s only one mediator between God and man and that is Christ Jesus! And when we focus on Jesus and give Him preeminence and make Him Lord of our lives, then you know what? We get the angels too. They surround us, they protect us, they guide us, they instruct us, and I’m going to show you so much more about angels and all you have in being a believer in Christ. Hee, haw. You’re just going to be hopping around knowing all the good — I’m going to show you how angels will help in bringing loved ones to Christ. I’m going to show you how angels actually — and I can verify this from the Scriptures how angels can actually go out and gather some wealth up for you. Most people just don’t know, just don’t know anything about that. They don’t know what the Bible says about angels and so they just believe what everybody says.

Look, we’re going for what the Word of God says about angels, and here’s what it says: If we hide ourselves in the shadow of the Almighty, keep ourselves confessed up, keep the sin confessed, do our best to have a willing heart, to be willing to do what God’s will is, and our lives are in harmony with Jesus, we’ve got angels all around us and all around our families, and they’re watching you.

The preceding is a transcript from Dave Williams’ 6 part series Angels they Are Watching You. Listen for free on YouTube.

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