Peter warned believers:

1 Peter 5:8
Be sober and watchful, because your adversary the devil walks around as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. 

An increasing number of Christians today are unintentionally departing from the faith and casually doing the very things God hates. I’m talking about those who first tiptoe into the Yoga Cult, then dive in head first, thinking they are learning exercises and breathing techniques. It’s a real craze today; it’s vogue, a trend, a fad, just as it was in Germany right before Hitler (who incidentally stole his Nazi symbol from the Hindus).

No Condemnation

Yes, I believe yoga is a part of the great end-time deception, leading up to the acceptance of a demon-possessed leader known biblically as the “beast” or the “Antichrist.” I’m not condemning anyone, but I am issuing an urgent warning about the severe consequences of engaging in this spiritually risky and deceptive system. 

I’ve already been criticized, mocked, misunderstood, and “canceled” by some who think I’m being nit-picky or condemning. But I’m issuing a loving warning, not to condemn but to encourage believers in true, biblically prescribed worship of the Lord. Over the years, I’ve learned that whenever someone speaks for God’s honor, he’ll unusually be sarcastically belittled by those who think in a twisted way. It goes with the job description of the discerner. 

2 Timothy 4:3
For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears

Ludicrous Ignorant and Divisive?

When Pastor John Lindell lovingly warned his congregation about the dangers of yoga, people immediately hurled insults, calling his sermon “ludicrous,” “ignorant,” and “divisive.” 

Before you say I’m just uninformed; please read my 300+ citations from qualified, spiritually intelligent teachers and former Yoga instructors found in my book, Yoga Craze in the Last Days.

Isaiah, the prophet, saw what was coming to his people for their pagan practices and said, “Let me cry for my people as I watch them being destroyed.” (Isaiah 22:4b). I understand how the prophet felt.

Galatians 4:16-17 (TPT)
16 Have I really become your enemy because I tell you the truth? 17 Can’t you see what these false teachers are doing? They want to win you over so you will side with them. They want you divided from me so you will follow only them. Would you call that integrity?

I have listened to the heart-wrenching testimonies of those who suffered confusion, and demonic oppression after delving into yoga. I rejoiced when they turned to the real Jesus Christ, not the “guru”, but the Savior. Those who came to Christ immediately began warning others of the dark, nefarious, oppressive path on which others were embarking when they signed up for a yoga class.

I was Excited about Yoga…for a “Minute”

When I first heard about “Christian Yoga” I got excited, filled with the hope that Doug Addison’s prophecy saying that the next revival would bring in many “rainbow people,” referring to New Age people. I thought, “Wonderful! New Agers will be attracted to yoga.” I thought it would probably be good that some Christians were getting involved in this exercise that I thought was just breathing and stretching, mostly for women. 

I was Wrong–Really Wrong

I reasoned that they might be able to reach their New Age friends and associations. But I was wrong. Seriously wrong! In fact, I was deadly wrong. Let me explain.

Sorcery and Idolatry

When I started studying the history of yoga I was stunned, shocked, and horrified at what I learned. Immediately I wanted to start sounding the alarm of the potential lethal danger in this subtle practice of both sorcery and idolatry. I read many of the “Christian Yoga” books, blogs, and web pages and got my stomach in knots over what I discovered about this ancient practice.

Is Yoga Fake Exercise?

Now, I am embarrassed at how little I understood about the practice of yoga, its origins, it’s true intentions, and where it ultimately leads its victims. Correspondent Elspeth Reeve wrote in the Atlantic Monthly, “Yoga is the greatest fraud ever perpetuated against American women … Yoga is fake exercise.”

Before the COVID pandemic, I wrote a well-researched article about yoga. Just one. Apparently people were making copies and sharing them with friends. I started receiving notes of thanks from individuals who stopped their antiquated Yoga practice and went to other better, more modern exercise programs. Pastors, perceiving that I was some sort of a seasoned expert on the occult, were asking me to come and speak to their churches about yoga.

So, I wrote a “Position Paper” for our ministry (Strategic Global Mission) on the practice of yoga and offered it free to pastors. They wanted more, so I wrote a small book 24 Reasons to Avoid Yogaif you are a Christian. Many thanked me. Others canceled me. 

Now after literally hundreds-upon-hundreds of hours of research, my comprehensive book on the Yoga Cult is about to be released. It’s called Yoga Craze in the Last Days. If you know anyone at all that is practicing this ancient practice, you’ll want to read this book. 

The foreword of my new book was written by Kirstin Baisch, a former Yoga instructor, who turned to Jesus Christ after encountering a grossly demonic attack. God supernaturally showed her a dramatic view of her destiny if she continued. 

Kirstin’s testimony is dramatic, heart-wrenching, and powerful. In fact I tell people, “The Foreword alone is worth the price of the book.” How can you even put a price on something powerful enough to rescue a lost soul or erring believer from a nefarious and vile cult? 

Let me give you a glimpse into a few of the topics we cover in this book. See if you know the answers:

  • Why those already in deception probably won’t read this book.
  • Is yoga just a stretching exercise?
  • Was Yoga Ever a Biblically Endorsed Practice for Christians?
  • Are Yoga Poses Honoring to Demons?
  • Does “Christian Yoga” Conjure up a ‘Counterfeit Holy Spirit?’
  • What does yoga have to do with the coming Antichrist in the Last Days?
  • Is it possible to connect with a demonic entity in Yoga and think it is God?
  • Is Yoga a Part of the End-Time Occult Invasion?
  • Can Yoga Veil Your True Destiny and Anointing?
  • Did God Warn His people about Mixing Pagan Practices into their Faith?
  • Can Yoga Actually Disrupt or Shipwreck a Person’s Faith?
  • Is Hatha Yoga a Springboard into Deeper Levels of Deception?
  • Recognizing New Age Yoga ‘Talking Points”
  • Did Yoga Begin as a Sex Cult?
  • Yoga slogans, half-truths and biblical misrepresentations 
  • Do Christian Yoga brands undermine the Nature of Jesus Christ?
  • “Hatha Yoga – just the beginning of a devilish trap?”
  • Which yoga teachers endorse “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali?”
  • How to recognize a subterfuge when you confront a deceived person
  • Five missteps into fatal deceptions
  • Yoga in the Third Reich – Germany’s yoga craze just before the Holocaust
  • You and Jesus will make a Great Partnership
  • How to Come back to the Real God who Loves you

I think you’ll learn at least 25–50 things you didn’t know about yoga in Yoga Craze in the Last Days. You’ll hear from doctors and certified strength coaches. Find out if yoga is really a good exercise, or if it’s inferior. You’ll learn what yoga’s weird appeal really is. The book is available NOW I hope you’ll order and see how this perfectly follows the plan of the Antichrist. Soon, the Trumpet will sound.

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