Your pastor cannot do it alone. He is not perfect. He is in a harsh environment where people expect him to be an extraordinary communicator, a great organizer, an ideal husband, and parent. He simply cannot do the job alone. He needs solid prayer partners who will stand in faith with him to reach this world.

  • Pray for the Pastor’s needs. Although the pastor loves to pray for his partners, his special prayer partners need to realize that they are there to pray for the pastor’s needs and the things that are on his heart. Please do not take advantage of your pastor. He will appreciate that quality since most people usually want only to take from him. Rarely is the pastor on the receiving end.
  • When you talk to the pastor, state what you want to say in a quick, concise manner, don’t stand there talking on and on, especially while others are waiting to see him. The pastor is often quite busy with a whole host of other commitments and may feel obligated to stand there and talk, even though it will cause him to be pressed for time the rest of the day. Avoid giving him negative news after a meeting.
  • Don’t be offended if the pastor doesn’t get to speak to you personally. He may or may not be able to do so at that moment, and this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care.
  • Be careful to not emotionally overload the pastor. A good prayer partner will not overwhelm the pastor with warnings and problems to which no solution is offered.
  • If you have a dream, vision, or message you believe is from the Lord, ask the Lord to give you the interpretation. It’s your job to interpret not the pastor’s. If you are not sure that something you are receiving in prayer is from the Lord, take more time to pray about it. You’d be amazed at how many dreams and visions the pastor has heard and how frustrating it was for him when the person expected him to give the interpretation.
  • Be faithful in praying for the pastor. This leads to a closer relationship and will build his trust in the validity of your intercessory ministry.
  • Please do not take advantage of your close prayer relationship with the pastor. The pastor has given you a confidential trust that very few are afforded. He will treasure you as both an intercessor and a friend if you don’t tell personal details of your prayer time for him or flaunt the fact that you are his prayer partner.
  • Always remember to also pray for the pastor’s family. This is critical because they come under strong attack from the enemy as well.
  • Let the Lord give you a special focus of prayer for the pastor. Some may feel impressed to pray for his personal life. Others may be impressed to pray more intensely for his family or his work. Be sensitive to the focus of prayer the Lord is giving you as a prayer partner.
  • Give your pastor positive feedback at least once every few months. Let him know in a note what the Lord is saying to you in prayer. Tell him that you are genuinely praying daily for him, his family, and his ministry. Too often all the pastor hears is bad news, the latest sickness, the most recent tragedy, or the judgment warnings of wanna-be prophets. Make it a point to give him uplifting feedback at least every few months. Never “drop a bomb” on him before or after any service or prayer meeting.
  • There are two times your pastor needs special and intense intercession: the day before he ministers and the day after. The day before he ministers is often a time when his family members get harassed, and many distractions come to divide his mind. On the day after ministering, often depression will tempt him. He will feel that he could have done better, that more should have been saved or healed, that there ought to have been more people in church.
  • Pray for your pastor’s protection, as well as, his family’s protection. Use Psalm 91 as a guide. As you pray, include your own family.
  • Special things to pray for your pastor include:
    • Bless him with rich study and preparation time.
    • Shield him from the fear of man.
    • Grant him wisdom in leadership.
    • Anoint him for apostolic results: signs, wonders, miracles, revelation.
    • Honor him with lasting fruit from his labor.
    • Cancel any satanic assignments against him.
    • Remove all obstacles to his ministry and calling.
    • Rebuke all distractions from his devotional life.
    • Claim scriptural promises of protection over him.
    • Bind any hindering and manipulating spirits in the pastor’s life.
    • Loose the forces of Heaven to aid the pastor in prayer and ministry.
    • Give thanks for his calling and gifts.
    • Expect great things in every service.
    • Stand behind your pastor in prayer.
    • Yield to the Spirit for other areas of intercession for your pastor.
    • The prayer of Jabez for your Pastor
  • Remember, your pastor faces the same temptations that others face. He needs your prayers. The top five things pastors face are:
    • Loneliness: 70% of all pastors have no close friends. Leadership tends to isolate them.
    • Stress: He needs supernatural help to handle living in a “fishbowl.”
    • Feelings of inadequacy: 9 out of 10 pastors fell ill-equipped to do their job.
    • Depression: The pressure pastors face can be overwhelming at times.
    • Spiritual warfare: Any time a person is moving in the Spirit making progress, Satan will try to stop it in a variety of ways.
  • Always speak well of your pastor. When you are in other meetings, encourage people to pray for the pastor. Always promote your pastor in a positive light. Let others know that you love him and pray for him regularly; then they too will be encouraged to pray for him and tell others (even believers) what a great pastor they have.  It will reap rewards beyond this world.

The pastor’s personal prayer partners are Aarons and Hurs. Aaron and Hur upheld Moses’ arms when he was weary. As a result, a great victory came.  But Moses couldn’t do it alone. He needed Aaron, and he needed Hur. The pastor needs YOU!

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