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Dave Williams is recognized as one of America’s foremost authorities on leadership. In this course, you will learn the proven principles of leadership that will launch your life, ministry, business, or job to higher levels of success. Join him on a journey of discovery as he shares the secrets of developing the heart of an authentic leader.

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Jeremy Anderson
West Coast Chi Alpha Area Director

Course Excerpts

Embark on one of the greatest endeavors of your life—becoming a pacesetting leader in whatever you are called to do. The principles in this course will advance your life, to greater levels of achievement as you begin to experience and practice the art of pacesetting leadership. These principles have transformed lives, businesses, and ministries for several decades—and they will transform your life and your calling as you put them into action.

The Art of Pacesetting Leadership Course

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get Inside The Art of Pacesetting Leadership Course

  • 16 sessions on DVD: Watch Dave’s sessions on for yourself then moderate a class
  • 16 audio recordings: Load files on your Computer or MP3 device to take the 16 teachings on the go
  • Hardcover book: A supplement to watching the DVDs. The Art of Pacesetting Leadership is packed with updated materials
  • Student manual: The workbook reinforces the principles taught in the DVD sessions.
  • Moderator’s manual: A must for leaders facilitating the course. This manual includes the answers to the student manual along with suggestions and downloads for moderating your own course
  • License for unlimited public viewing: A Licence for Public Presentation so that you may present on screen before an audience the 16 session video series.

16 Sessions

  1. Qualities of a Master level Leader
  2. Prerequisites for a Master Level Leader
  3. Are you Authentic or Synthetic?
  4. The Kind of Leader God is Looking For
  5. Proper Attitudes for Leadership
  6. Renovating Your Mind for Success
  7. The Dynamic Power of Vision
  8. Faith Goals
  9. Distress Signals
  10. How to Teach Motivationally
  11. Breaking Barriers and Overcoming Obstacles
  12. The Principle of Excellence
  13. The True Purpose of the Church
  14. Authority, Rebellion, and Divine Discipline
  15. Pitfalls on the Pacesetter’s Path: Part 1
  16. Pitfalls on the Pacesetter’s Path: Part 2

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