Merry Christmas

A ministry update and Christmas prayer from Dave and Mary Jo Williams.

Dave Williams Ministries 2016

We pray 2019 will be your best ever!
We plead the
Miracle Blood of Jesus
over your life, family, home, & future.

We pray for your family
and those you love that
God’s Grace and Mercy
will abound to them.

Dave and Mary Jo Williams
& Ministry Staff

Thank You, partner!

Huge Thank You—Jacob Bender

Jacob Bender, pastor of Courage Church in Detroit Michigan, shares how kids are being reached in the heart of the inner city.

Exponential Growth—Jamil Stell

Jamil Stell, Chi Alpha leader at CSU, explains how the Art of Pacesetting Leadership Course has caused exponential growth in his life

Blessed with Abundance—Carol Ruano

Director of Living Water Bible Institute in Guatemala, Carol Ruano shares how pastors are being trained.

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Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles

What do you think is one of the most prominent signs of a Spirit-filled life? Speaking in tongues? Prophetic utterances? Dreams? Visions? I hope I don't disappoint you, but one of the biggest signs of a Spirit-filled life is T R O U B L E! Satan does not mess with...

Your Wealth Containers

Your Wealth Containers

When we say, “I gave my tithe,” we are not exactly accurate. Tithing is not giving. The tithe (ten percent of our gross income) already belongs to the Lord. It’s not “my tithe” it is the Lord’s. We don’t “give” it because it belongs to God. You can’t give something...

The Paramount Question

The Paramount Question

In this day of pandemic, riots, protests, and utter lawlessness in many parts of our own country, we all must face the most important universal question of all time: Do you believe what the Bible says about Jesus Christ? Is He who He says He is? And...what have you...

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