Merry Christmas

A ministry update and Christmas prayer from Dave and Mary Jo Williams.

Dave Williams Ministries 2016

Why Did Christ Come?

1 John 3:7
For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, hat He might destroy the works of the devil.

Mary Jo and I, along with our Pacesetting Ministry Team, wish you the most Blessed Christmas Ever!

Thank you for helping us accelerate the message of JESUS CHRIST to college campuses in America and fruitful inner-city children’s ministries in this world.

Thank You, partner!

Huge Thank You—Jacob Bender

Jacob Bender, pastor of Courage Church in Detroit Michigan, shares how kids are being reached in the heart of the inner city.

Exponential Growth—Jamil Stell

Jamil Stell, Chi Alpha leader at CSU, explains how the Art of Pacesetting Leadership Course has caused exponential growth in his life

Blessed with Abundance—Carol Ruano

Director of Living Water Bible Institute in Guatemala, Carol Ruano shares how pastors are being trained.

Christmas Bundles

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