Merry Christmas

A ministry update and Christmas prayer from Dave and Mary Jo Williams.

Dave Williams Ministries 2016

We wish you a very
blessed Christmas
and an abundant 2018
filled with God’s amazing
love and grace.

Invest regular time in
God’s presence this
holiday season and He’ll reward you openly.

Dave and Mary Jo Williams
& Ministry Staff

Thank You, partner!

Our mission is razor sharp

In 1995 the Lord spoke to Dave and Mary Jo about the critical need to reach children and ministers. Since then the impact has been global. We thank God and have plans for an even bigger future!

Exponential Growth—Jamil Stell

Jamil Stell, Chi Alpha leader at CSU, explains how the Art of Pacesetting Leadership Course has caused exponential growth in his life

Blessed with Abundance—Carol Ruano

Director of Living Water Bible Institute in Guatemala, Carol Ruano shares how pastors are being trained.

Dave Williams Ministries 2016

A Christmas Gift for you

Download A Cokonougher Christmas mini album. Songs include:

  • God Rest Ye merry Gentlemen
  • Kids Christmas Medley
  • Silent Night
  • The First Noel


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