Rapture, Armageddon, Tribulation, Antichrist, False Prophet, 144,000, Israel, Church, Revival, Little horn, Daniel, Revelation, End of the Age, Millennium, Shaking, Gog and Magog.

Do you know the biblical meaning of these terms as they relate to Bible prophecy? Or have you allowed someone’s personal “revelation” or interpretation form your beliefs about end-time events?

Today brings compelling evidence that we are quite possibly the terminal generation; the ones who will witness the prophesied end-time events unfold at breakneck speed.  It’s beginning now.

“Today, all the end time players are aligned, and all the end-time markers are in play.”
~ Bill Koenig, White House Correspondent and author of Eye to Eye

“Apocalypse is in the air.”
~ Mark Hitchcock, prophecy scholar and author

“There Is Great Confusion About the End Times.”
~ Billy Graham, Evangelist

God’s Word is clear on how the final generation will play out.

Yet many of God’s people are clueless. Some pastors have told me they don’t preach prophecy because they don’t understand it. But it’s not that difficult…if you understand prophetic chronology.

While others may be clueless and unprepared, you don’t have to be! Make sure your family is ready. Ensure that your church is equipped by teaching them what the prophets have said.

“Churches with pastors who are teaching prophecy are growing churches.”
~ Dr. David Jeremiah

I’m the author of three books on Bible prophecy. My latest book, Hope in the Last Days will be released in early 2017. I have researched end-time events (eschatology) for nearly 40 years and have come to some startling conclusions about the day in which we live.

In September 2016, I conducted a special seminar especially for pastors, teachers, and interested believers to prepare them for the days ahead and to give you hope in these last days. I’m not saying this seminar will give you the power to preach prophecy like Jack Van Impe – that’s up to you and the Holy Spirit – but we will give you information that will show you how to clearly discern the times and how to share Bible prophecy effectively with your church, your group, and your family. For your sake, the sake of your family, and the sake of your church, you want to get this right. An audio from the seminar is available here.

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