The Fast Track to Achieving 100 to 1,000 times more…in less time.

Pastors, leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, business people, millionaires, high achievers, and those desiring to attract more influence and enjoy an extraordinary future:  Learn the secret of doing what failures don’t. This one thing will make a drastic difference in your future.

The Faith Goals Seminar was first conducted in Nashville, Tennessee, several years ago. One of the attendees, Dale, became so inspired that not only was he setting and reaching his own faith goals, but he also began sharing the miracle of faith goals with everyone he met—on the job, at the restaurant—anywhere he went.

He told me later that one man sneered, “Oh, that goal-setting stuff! I’ve heard about it for years. It doesn’t work.” But Dale responded, “This isn’t about goals! I’m not talking about goal setting. I’m talking about setting and reaching FAITH GOALS and there’s a huge difference!” Without God’s partnership, goals alone will be nothing but dreams and fantasies.

There is a huge difference between mere “goals” and “Faith Goals!”

  • Faith goals have the power to transform your life, family, marriage,
  • ministry, or business into an amazingly successful adventure.
  • Faith goals give you the power and means to achieve 100 to 1000 times more in half the time.
  • Faith goal setting is a practice of intimacy with God.
  • Faith goals are rooted in the Bible.

Filled with warm-hearted wisdom, the Faith Goals Seminar provides a fresh, fun, and practical approach to discovering how to turn your dreams into reality. The majority of people in the world—95 percent—do NOT have written faith goals and thus fall into the underachiever category. While the five percent who have written faith goals will achieve and succeed more than the 95 percent combined!

This seminar has helped literally thousands of business people, CEOs, pastors, leaders, and believers who desired to experience the deeper intimacy with God that comes from planning together with him.

Stay Informed on Upcoming Events.

Design Your Next 10 Years for an Extraordinary Life!

What you learn in this seminar will affect every system of your life and make a monumental difference in your Family, Finances, Personal development, Ministry development, Business development, Lifestyle, Future.

Faith goals carry the astonishing power to transform your life, family, marriage, ministry, and business into an amazing and successful adventure

Learn how to run the race with purpose in every step you take.

What People Are Saying:

Wish I knew this stuff years ago! This has changed the way I think in so many ways and caused me to make decisions and choices differently.


My thinking has been transformed and enlarged to look for opportunities as well as believing God and his word in a new way.


Since making my dream page a few weeks ago, four of the goals on my page I now have.


One of the goals I jotted down at your seminar was to “write a bestselling book.” Several months ago, I tried unsuccessfully to raise the funds to buy back the rights to my first book, so I could self-publish under a new title.  I couldn’t raise the funds and gave up. I determined to read your book 7 times as you suggested. Two days ago, I started my prayer and faith journal, and finished the book for the second time. An hour later, I went to my mailbox and found a check from a friend. She heard a message on giving from her Pastor, and wanted to pay the entire cost of re-publishing my book! I can hardly wait to see what else God has in store. Many thanks!


This has changed my life!


This has been one of the best investments I have ever made


It is literally changing the destiny of my family


The Miracle of Faith Goals

Having no concrete goals is like trying to operate an ocean liner without a helmsman. You set out to sea, hoping to get to your desired destination, but your chance of arriving where you want to go is virtually nonexistent.

God plans for everything—from when he spoke forth the universe, to his plan for your salvation, all the way down to this moment in your life. This book reveals how to discover God’s plan for accomplishing profound results. You will learn the seven “Vs,” incremental steps, that will help you accomplish 100 to 1,000 times more!

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[FREE 2 Session Audio]
[FREE 2 Session Audio]