Heart to Heart Talks with Pastors

  1. The Deadly Danger of the Second Word: There are two voices—only one will lead you and protect you
  2. Surprising Church Trends Now: Why knowing the trends can help you plan for growth
  3. Dealing with Foolish Committees and Constant Critics: Prophetic words I gave my successor & why they apply to you
  4. Why Many Are Called but Few Are Chosen: Things I wish I had learned sooner
  5. Dealing with Deceivers & Properly Advertising Your Church
  6. Handling Ministry Distress
  7. Engaging the Prophetic Realm: Taking time for margins in life and intimacy with the Holy Spirit
  8. How to Give a Powerful Altar Call: Top secrets of the greatest soul-winners.
  9. Connecting Your Life and Church to What’s on God’s Heart
  10. Dealing with Sin in the Ministry: How to Organize the local church
  11. Stages of Church Growth and Avoiding the Landmines: Sifting and Pruning
  12. Discipline in the Church & Recognizing True Repentance

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[FREE 2 Session Audio]
[FREE 2 Session Audio]