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Pastor Dave Williams interview with Pastor Kevin Berry about the Last Days

Pastor Dave Williams reads through Mark 13 when Jesus warned of signs of the end of times.

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Prepare with Hope 

Understand how ancient biblical prophecies are coming to pass in our day, how coming prophetic events will impact you, and how there is hope for all followers of Christ. Today there is a tremendous interest in Bible prophecy, particularly because end-time events prophesied long ago are coming to pass in an extraordinary manner.

Hope in the Last Days reveals, based on prophecy fulfilled and yet to be fulfilled, that very shortly the world will reel into its deepest hour of torment and agony. Dave Williams encourages you with the truth of how coming events will affect you and your loved ones and what God has planned as a way of escape for followers of Jesus Christ.

About the Author

Dave Williams is a teacher, coach, and trainer to successful, pacesetting leaders in ministry, business, and life. After more than 30 years of leading a flourishing church and establishing more than 500 daughter churches around the world, he has the knowledge and experience to help you succeed and be fruitful in your life’s calling.

Praise for Hope in the Last Days

This book belongs in the collection of every pastor that wants to teach his/her members about the last days. Dave cuts right to the chase on what you need to do to understand the coming events foretold by the ancient prophets. Get prepared, and filled with hope as you read this book. A must-read for anyone who wants to understand Bible prophecy.
Pastor Matthew Barnett

CEO of The Dream Center, Los Angeles, California

Dave Williams has once again provided a fantastic book that will equip pastors, believers, and leaders to teach on Biblical prophecy with confidence.  This book is Biblically sound and contains a vital message for the Church today.  It should be in every pastor’s library.
Rev. Richard Crisco

Pastor, Rochester Christian Church, Rochester, Michigan

Dave Williams masterfully handles the controversial subject of the end times giving us hope for our future as believers in Christ. I am personally challenged for global evangelism even more as a result of this impactful book.  This is an urgent and “must-read” for every believer.
Rev. Jennifer Eivaz

Author of The Intercessors Handbook, Turlock, California

Dave Williams has done it again! No one does a better job at making the often complex and confusing subject of end time events simple to understand. Dave’s straightforward teaching is clear, full of hope, and brings great joy to believers! In these days, this is a must read for every Christian.
Rev. Beth Jones

Author of Getting a Grip on the Basics, Portage, Michigan

Dave Williams has always had a clear grasp of the end times. He’s preached and taught about it since the 70’s. This book highlights the last “hours” in which we live. In bringing understanding of the prophetic messages in the Bible, Dave brings hope to the reader.
Rev. Clarence St. John

Assemblies of God Superintendent,, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Any astute believer has to recognize that we are viewing the end of time from a front row seat. Hope in the Last Days, by my friend Dave Williams, offers a concise, authentic and complete handbook to teach and help us navigate these turbulent waters, always remembering the operative word………HOPE!
Rev. Arthelene Rippy

Televsion Personality, Christian Television Network, Clearwater, Florida

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