Prophetic Intercessory Prayer

Learn the secrets of supernatural prophetic intercession for your family, your pastor, and world leaders. Join Jesus in His present-day ministry!

Targeted Toward:

  • Those who want to bless the world like no billionaire ever could by engaging the prophetic realm in prayer
  • Those who desire to be part of the Dave Williams intercessory team

Prophetic Intercessory Prayer Training

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Learn how to become an elite member of God’s army of prophetic prayer warriors that get results. Be a blessing to your church, your pastor, your family, your country, and the world. You will learn how to have a miracle impact and victory in the spiritual realm through prophetic intercession. Discover how God uses dreams and visions to guide you in prayer. You will receive an impartation from heaven as you grab onto the truths you learn in this seminar.

Associated Seminars/Schools:

Ministry Team*

  • Mary Jo Williams
  • Lisa Benson
  • Lydia Ferrigan
  • Mary Ann Saunders
  • Londa Wilkes

*Subject to change without notice

Elite Prayer WarriorsFree with Registration

A plan for powerful intercessory prayer. Do you know how to be a prayer warrior? Do you understand how important is is to pray for your pastor and church? This book gives a practical battle plan so you can move out of the “ranks” and become a mighty prayer warrior—a general in the Army of God!

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