We are approaching eternity at break-neck speed as the prophetic signs become more frequent and increasingly intense. Just ahead the world will experience shocking events like never before in history. God meant for His people to understand the cryptic prophecies relating to the end times and Bible prophecy.

Luke 21:36 MEV
Therefore watch always and pray that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will happen and to stand before the Son of Man.”

Signs are converging now at whirlwind velocity. But there is hope now at this moment. God seems to be engaged in the final round-up right now.

I served as pastor of Mount Hope Church for over 30 years. I know the value of hope.Hope is the precursor to genuine faith. With hope, there is vision, joy, and an inspiring and secure future. Without hope, we are left hollow, empty, and filled with anxiety.

I want to help you and your family prepare with hope for the Coming of Jesus Christ, not as “preppers,” but as hope-filled, faith-drenched followers of Jesus

Interestingly, most Christians today no longer even know what they believe about Bible prophecy.

This is largely due to two reasons:

  1. Because of many false alarms in the past few decades.
  2. Because a growing number of pastors are not teaching prophecy

Scarcely do pastors preach sermons on biblical prophecy.

Perhaps some pastors are afraid of getting it wrong. Others simply believe prophecy is a negative message. It’s easier to preach about how to clean up our society, make peace, live stress-free, and walk in favor. All these messages are helpful, however, when 27% of the Bible is prophecy, we must not ignore it lest we fall short of truly being preachers of the whole counsel of God’s Word.

Acts 20:27 (MEV)
For I did not keep from declaring to you the whole counsel of God.

Biblical prophecy is meant to bring comfort for God’s people and simultaneously deliver a warning to those not yet committed to Christ.

In September 2016, I conducted a special seminar especially for pastors, teachers, and interested believers to prepare them for the days ahead and to give you hope in these last days. I’m not saying this seminar will give you the power to preach prophecy like Jack Van Impe – that’s up to you and the Holy Spirit – but we will give you information that will show you how to clearly discern the times and how to share Bible prophecy effectively with your church, your group, and your family. For your sake, the sake of your family, and the sake of your church, you want to get this right. An audio from the seminar is available here.

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