Earlier this year I shared with you a prophetic word about how 2018 is going to be a year of “bountiful harvest!”

Well, I believe our first online course, The Art of Pacesetting Leadership, is just one of the ways God is going to bring this to pass. Imagine the bountiful harvest of souls we’ll see as a result of discipling more followers of Christ through this online method of teaching. Access the online course here!

It’s now in an easy to use, online format that leaders, business owners, pastors, and aspiring leaders can take wherever they are at, and as their schedule allows.

My team has worked hard at this, and it’s one of the biggest projects we’ve ever unveiled. Anyone, anywhere in the world can now take this course online. Through March 31 you can take the course for just $19. Click here to start today!

We’ll still provide the course on DVD to Chi Alpha ministries, Teen/Life Challenge centers, and other campus ministries so they can conduct the course in a classroom environment. Look for more online courses coming soon!

Wealthy Place Seminar at EMU

Just a couple weekends ago we had a wonderful time at the Wealthy Place Seminar at Eastern Michigan University with Revs. Daniel and Sarah Jackson.

We made several new friends at this event. Even a few from London, England. Dr. Ola Cole read one of my books. Then, she learned about the Wealthy Place Seminar and believed God wanted her to attend and bring two friends. The three of them registered, not knowing where the money for travel expenses would come from. Just a couple days before the event God provided. Dr. Cole said,

“We cannot thank the Lord enough for how He orchestrated the never to be forgotten, destiny defining moment for all of us. We were completely lost for words to express our sincere appreciation to the Lord and your ministry.”

Will the prophesied Antichrist be a Muslim?

Larry Spargimino moderated a three-hour debate with my friend and author Bill Salus and author Joel Richardson. While Bill and Joel have differing eschatological views, the debate was loving, respectful, and enormously informative. For those who wonder if the coming Antichrist may be an Arab Muslim or A Western leader, you will love this video DVD. It’s available at Prophecy Depot Ministries.

Discerning the Times

Rev. Pace is an eschatology (End Times Prophecy) expert who conducts “Discerning the Times” conferences and is the author of a powerful book, Apocalert!: Prophecies, Omens, Cosmic Wonders. Robert showed up at Suncoast Cathedral when I was ministering. What a joy for Mary Jo and me to share some time with Robert (“Chip”) and his wife, Annette. You can watch my friend on Daystar Network.

This June we’ll be conducting a one-day seminar for Today’s Prophets and Seers in Lansing, Michigan. Once we have the location and other details figured out, sign up here for updates.

Thank you again, dear friend, for your love and support. If you’re not currently a partner with Dave Williams Ministries, please prayerfully consider becoming one. Partnership levels begin at just $25 a month. Read more about the special benefits we offer to partners here.

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