End Times

The Study of Mark

Pastor Dave Williams reads through Mark 13 when Jesus warned of signs of the end of times.

About Dave

Dave Williams is a teacher, trainer, and author. He coaches church leaders, business leaders, and followers of Christ on how to live a pacesetting life. Dave served over 30 years as pastor of Mount Hope Church in Lansing, MI and developed The Art of Pacesetting Leadership course (now available online). His three-pronged approach—spiritual, attitudinal, and practical—has transformed people into extraordinarily successful leaders in every field of endeavor. Charisma House released his latest book, Hope in the Last Day

Posts By Dave Williams

End Time Trends Accelerate

End Time Trends Accelerate

We live in the very first generation to see all the end-time signs, markers and conditions now converging. No other generation has witnessed such a massive stage-setting time as this. The Antichrist “beast system” is now here waiting in the wings to be implemented,...



This week, a shocking report surfaced concerning a Chinese Communist Party Surveillance balloon sited over the United States. The size of three school buses, this balloon carried a mysterious payload that our military leaders couldn’t identify. China says it’s a...

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