Do you know what that March brings? Warmer weather, flowers, AND for basketball fans…March Madness!

March Madness is the term that defines the annual NCAA college basketball tournament that takes place to determine the national championship team.Sixty-eight teams are selected or earn their slot by winning their conference championship. On March 13th, the teams begin playing to see who is destined to be in the national championship game on April 2nd.

While “March Madness” is used to describe the enthusiasm around the games, “the brackets” give it even more madness. More than 70 million people in the U.S. will fill out brackets of the 68 teams, picking who they believe will win the championship. Some just do it for fun; others will bet money on it. In the past, even the U.S. president participated to see who could accurately predict the winner.

And, this year Warren Buffett, offering a million a year for life if they can fill out a perfect bracket (before the games start). But, if you’re like most people, your bracket probably won’t even make it past the first round. If it does, within a few days or weeks after the final game you will have forgotten about it.

Imagine people yelling at their TV screens, secretly checking their mobile devices for scores, and going just a bit, well…mad. It’s fun being a part of March Madness and trying to pick the winning team. Still, it’s about claiming a trophy that will eventually gather dust in some trophy case somewhere.

Here at Dave Williams Ministries, we don’t exist to win a trophy for some tournament. Our mission is razor sharp:

  • Provide grants to inner city-type ministries focusing on at-risk children
  • Provide scholarships for properly training pastors and leaders
  • Assist church planters through education

This is serious Kingdom work to us because lives depend on it. One person at a time, we are making a difference day by day, and week by week. Here are a couple of reports about lives that have been changed because of this ministry:

After taking our Christian Education class through this incredible series, The Art of Pacesetting Leadership, our church better understands church authority, authentic leadership, relationships, and vision. It helped our congregation move from a “small church” mentality to one where we strive to do things with excellence. It is now mandatory teaching for anyone who wants to serve in a higher level of leadership at our church. – Pastor TL


Thank you for your prophetic words to me when our church was struggling this past year.  Soon after your encouragement and prophetic words, everything worked out perfectly, just as the Lord promised. – Pastor, Michigan

It’s because of our donors—people just like YOU—that give generously to support the ministry that we can do what we do.

Every time you give, you help us “win” in what truly matters. Basketball championships come and go, but when you invest in the life of another, you are a real champion. Today, I invite you to invest with Dave Williams Ministries so that together we can produce wins that last for all of eternity.

If you’re not currently a partner with Dave Williams Ministries, please prayerfully consider becoming one. Partnership levels begin at just $25 a month. Read more about the special benefits we offer to partners here.

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