The New Life

Powerful & Practical Knowledge for Growing Believers

The New Life…The Start of Something Wonderful

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A practical step-by-step handbook and how-to guide to grow in your faith and help you experience victory in your life through Jesus!

  • How to begin a regular prayer life
  • How to be filled with the Holy Spirit
  • How to overcome temptation
  • How to read and study the Bible
  • And much more!

Over 2.5 Million copies sold. Now in it's 30th printing

You are standing on the brink of a New Life…The Start of Something Wonderful! This book will lead you through twenty-six powerful principles and practices that will help catapult you to growth and success now that you’ve been given a fresh new life in Jesus!

What People are Saying

The material is excellent and will be used for the glory of God”

-Dr. David Younggi, Cho, Full Gospel Central Church, Seoul, Korea.

This a great book to help new Christians understand how simple it is to start a relationship with Christ.  We give this book out to all of the people that come and give their life to the Lord.


This is a wonderful book and a practical tool for all people where ever they are in their walk with God. I read it over and over.


I have recommended this book to many of my friends who are new to the Christian life. It also is a great resource if you find yourself struggling in your faith and not sure why. This book has great tools to life a successful life. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to grow in their spiritual journey with Jesus.


This is a great practical resource for those that are serious about the Great Commission in terms of being developed into a mature disciple that reproduces disciples. I would recommend this to all who desire to make a lasting Impact in the Kingdom of God for future generations



  • How to share Christ with others
  • How to grow in your faith
  • How to choose the right friends
  • How to select a church
  • The solution to life’s biggest problem
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Claim Your Free Ebook!

A practical step-by-step handbook and how-to guide to grow in your faith and help you experience victory in your life through Jesus!

Un manual práctico paso-a-paso para crecer en fe y ¡ayudarte a experimentar la victoria en tu vida en Cristo Jesús!

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