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Keys to Gaining The Leading Advantage

Dave Williams is recognized as one of America’s foremost authorities on leadership. In this course, you will learn the proven principles of leadership that will launch your life, ministry, business, or job to higher levels of success. Join him on a journey of discovery as he shares the secrets of developing the heart of an authentic leader.

68 page student manual download for the 16 session The Art of Pacesetting Leadership course included!

Sessions of The Art of Pacesetting Leadership

  • Qualities of a Master level Leader: Keys to success
  • Prerequisites for a Master Level Leader: The three legs of leadership
  • Are you Authentic or Synthetic?: God made vs. man made
  • The Kind of Leader God is Looking For: Discover the truth about the kind of leader God seeks
  • Proper Attitudes for Leadership: A renewed mind
  • Renovating Your Mind for Success: Methods to renewing your mind
  • The Dynamic Power of Vision: Looking beyond what you see in the natural
  • Faith Goals: Learn the process of setting and reaching faith goals
  • Distress Signals: Protect your life from distresses in leadership
  • How to Teach Motivationally: The responsibilities of speakers
  • Breaking Barriers and Overcoming Obstacles: Successfully navigate commonly found obstacles
  • The Principle of Excellence: Don’t settle for average
  • The True Purpose of the Church: Break the myths, folklore, and lies about church organization
  • Authority, Rebellion, and Divine Discipline: Does God allow serious situations to happen?
  • Pitfalls on the Pacesetter’s Path: Avoid self-sabotage and pitfalls of leadership (2 Parts)

Course Excerpts

Embark on one of the greatest endeavors of your life—becoming a pacesetting leader in whatever you are called to do. The principles in this course will advance your life, to greater levels of achievement as you begin to experience and practice the art of pacesetting leadership. These principles have transformed lives, businesses, and ministries for several decades—and they will transform your life and your calling as you put them into action.

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