Are you struggling with the staggering inflation we are encountering these days?

Hyperinflation in Germany brought a murderous maniac, Adolf Hitler to power. He convinced the masses that the Nazi party was the solution to Germany’s financial problems. Sixty-some years later Hugo Chavez convinced enough people in Venezuela that they were victims of big companies and wealthy elites and socialism was the answer.

In just a few short years after implementing a system that has never worked the way they promised, Venezuela, a prosperous country, like the USA, became like a third-world country with massive poverty and hunger. I know people from Venezuela who say they feel trapped in “hell.”

Socialism is a trap. The Bible Condemns and prohibits socialism. Socialism makes the government your god. Jesus warned of great deception in the last days. False leaders try to convince individuals that they are victims. They try to persuade people to believe they are entitled. This mentality clears the path to evil socialism.

Evil leaders convince the poor and middle class that companies and the rich should be taxed more to provide government entitlements to “the people.” Seems good at first. Then, companies go out of business, people go hungry, and death is everywhere. Once you see yourself as a victim, or if you believe you are entitled, you will be more likely to bite the bait, and become trapped in a system that has never succeeded; a system that has brought nothing but heartache, poverty, hunger, imprisonment and death.

Does God have a Plan for Your Financial Freedom?

Good News for God’s people: God has a plan for your financial freedom. If you follow it carefully, you will take the first steps to being positioned for the coming Great Financial Re-Alignment (which has probably already begun!)

There’s Always Enough of Everything you Need When God is Your Source

In Exodus 35-40, when Moses was raising money for the Tabernacle, He raised over $68 million in two days (in today’s money).

While cleaning the house, I found a pile of old files I had saved from my time as pastor of Mount Hope Church. The annual report from 2008 reminded me that our budget was $12 million that year, but because of the real estate “bubble bursting” and the stock market “crash” only $8.9 million came into the church treasury. Yet despite being short by over $3 million:

  • All the bills were paid on time.
  • All the staff and employees were paid.
  • Nobody had to be laid off.
  • We still somehow had $2 million in reserve.
  • Plus, we somehow had $500,000 extra left over after everything was paid.

Many other churches and businesses were hurting, but we were prospering, even though we dropped way below what we had projected for the year.

How does this kind of thing happen? God was our Source. We had always put missions first, and the things that were on God’s heart. We never cheated another human being and we were generous to our guest ministers and speakers. We kept our ministry and missionary promises and honored God. (Matt. 6:33)

When God is Your Source, and you know how to believe for INCREASE, you’ll never lack or beg for bread. (Psalm 37:5)

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