ABC’s of Success and Happiness (Book)

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Going after God’s promises for your life

God has promised you abundant life! In this book, you will discover how to apply God’s biblical principles, which will lead you into a bright future. Your faith will be strengthened and energized as you learn—step-by-step—how to claim our Great Provider’s promises making them a reality in your life.

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There are simple keys that open the doors of success, prosperity and blessings.

There are things you can do right now to start the flow of blessings. This book is about God’s blessings, and how to have them.  You can have success when you are living by God’s time-tested principles, obeying Him, walking in the Spirit and enjoying His abundance. You can have success in your job, family, spiritual life and finances!

This book is for the “lucky” and the “unlucky.” Whether it always rains on your parade, or you always win the grand prize, God has something for you.

The “Luckiest” Person Alive

How lucky are you? Have you won the lottery lately? When was the last time your name was picked in a prize drawing? Have you ever signed up and won the car they were giving away at the grocery store?

Or are you unlucky? Do bad things always happen to you? It rains when you have locked your keys in the car? You get the strange illness no one has ever heard of? Everyone else’s food tastes just fine, but yours has a bug in it?

Just how lucky are you?

People who do not know or follow Jesus say they believe in luck — this unseen power that brings good fortune to some people and bad fortune to others. But when you know God through His Son, Jesus Christ, you believe in something much better than luck. You believe in being blessed. The Bible says:

The blessing of the LORD makes a person rich, and he adds no sorrow with it.
— Proverbs 10:22 (NLT)
…Happy indeed are those whose God is the LORD.
— Psalm 144:15b (NLT)

The word “happy” in the Hebrew means to be supremely blessed, overflowing with happiness, well-off and prosperous. That means you are “lucky” in every area of life. It is so powerful that it can make rich men out of beggars, and joyful people out of mourners. God can take the fabric of sorrow and turn it into a garment of praise. That is His blessing to us, which is promised in the Word of God, the Bible.

1 review for ABC’s of Success and Happiness (Book)

  1. Ambre Mendez

    Dave Williams communicates in a simple straight forward way that I love!

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