Club 52 Wealth Creation Weekend (USB Flash Drive)

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Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Do you think there must be a better way to be free from financial worries? The answer is, “Yes!”

When you understand God’s plan is for you to have more than enough of everything, when you get on God’s plan for handling your finances, you will discover new freedom from worry and lack.

Can you imagine having enough to pay all your bills, bless your children with everything they need, and still have plenty left over to sow into God’s Kingdom? It can happen.

Main Sessions
Club 52 Orientation Pt 1 by Dr. Dave Williams
Club 52 Orientation Pt 2 by Dr. Dave Williams
Eight Foundational Premises for Wealth Pt 1 by Dr. Dave Williams
Eight Foundational Premises for Wealth Pt 2 by Dr. Dave Williams
A Financial Deliverer by Dr. Dave Williams
Strategies for Success by John and Judy O’Leary
What’s Different About Millionaires by Dr. Dave Williams
Principles of Wealth by Dr. Dave Williams
Impartation Service by Dr. Dave Williams

Defeating Your Goliath by Shari Montgomery
Becoming a Great Commission Company by Terry Hart
How to Spot a Rogue Employee by Janette Brunette
Money Scams and Fraud by Kim Bender
Patents, Inventions, and Book Writing by Dr. Scott Benjamin
Pitfalls of Business Start Ups by Jeff Dettloff
Real Estate Opportunities by Kim Bender
Success Principles From the King by Rick and Michelle Brown
Supernatural Career Advancement by Doug Henderson
Surviving the Tough Times In Business by Duane Feldpausch
The Jewish Phenomena by Dr. Scott Benjamin
Adventures of a Landlord by Mike Kessler
Working With Your Spouse by Mark and Janette Brunette

5 Q & A Sessions with the Club 52 Mentors


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