Coming into the Wealthy Place & The Road to Radical Riches (Bundle)

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Coming Into the Wealthy Place

“This book is about living on the concierge level of life, which I call The Wealthy Place. It is about releasing the power to get wealth. Many people reading this book—perhaps you—are positioned to move into a ministry of wealth.“
—Coming Into the Wealthy Place

As a believer, you might think that God encourages a spirit of “poverty.” You might think that poverty glorifies God and proves you have a humble spirit.

Nothing could be further from the truth! God wants you to prosper by connecting to the Great Commission, so you can accomplish his will on earth. Churches, ministries, missions, and benevolence all require money. You can’t print Bibles without money. You can’t feed the hungry without money.

The Road to Radical Riches

You are destined for colossal riches. You won’t need to apologize to anybody for your abundance. You are about to enter into the domain of shameless wealth, but only if you qualify. That decision is yours. Are you ready to jump up from “barely getting by” to God’s plan for your Radical Riches?

3 reviews for Coming into the Wealthy Place & The Road to Radical Riches (Bundle)

  1. Ambre Mendez

    Dave William’s practical and attitudinal approach to teaching about finances has been so helpful to me and my family. He teaches the Bible!

  2. judy oleary

    These two books are all you need to go from rags to riches! Success is a planned event, and Dave William’s writing style is easy to understand and full of fresh revelation on the subject of biblical wealth. Dave teaches how us how to tie our finances to the great commission, so we can be a blessing to the kingdom of God, with plenty left to bless our own lives.

  3. Brittany King

    My husband and I came to the Wealthy Place Seminar about 3 years ago. We had just gone through a difficult season and did not feel much hope about our financial future. After attending the seminar and reading “The Wealthy Place”, we have had such a life giving seed planted in our hearts. We believe in the ministry of wealth; to be blessed and successful in order to be a blessing. We now have such a hope to give outrageously and advance the Kingdom. We believe Christians should be the wealthiest people on earth, and my husband and I can both genuinely say that this material has absolutely changed the course of our lives. We have been empowered and encouraged by this message, and since learning this material, each year we have made more money and been able to give more than the last. Pastor Dave brings to light the wisdom of the Bible on wealth, and God’s heart to empower us to get wealth and effectively minister to the nations. Thanks Pastor Dave for being courageous and obedient and sharing this wisdom with us all! You have been such a blessing to us, and we thank God for you often.

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