Defeating the Realm of the Demonic (MP3)


Learn How to Cast Out Demons and Live Free of Demonic Influences.

In this five-part series, you will discover:

  • What opens the door to demonic control
  • How demons get a foothold
  • How to discern spirits
  • The difference between demonic oppression and demonic possession
  • … and so much more

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There is more to this life than what is visible to the human eye.

There is a spiritual realm of demonic beings bent on killing and destroying lives and stealing what rightfully belongs to you. But there is good news! If Jesus is your Savior, you have power in you that is greater than any other power in the world! Jesus has given you the authority to cast out demons and live a life free of demonic influences. It is time that you —as a believer — begin to exercise that God-given power.

Sessions Include

  • Session 1: Defeating the Realm of the Demonic
  • Session 2: The Effect of Demonic Influence
  • Session 3: How Demons Get a Foothold
  • Session 4: Common Symptoms of Demonic Involvement
  • Session 5: Discerning of Spirits

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