Developing the Spirit of A Conqueror (CD)


God created you to be a winner in every aspect of your life

In this six-part series, you will discover:

  • That you are a winner
  • How to defend what you have already conquered
  • How to stand up to your giants
  • The root cause of failure
  • How to be fruitful in every good work
  • About little foxes that spoil success
  • And more!


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Conquer New Territories with a Winning Attitude

What is holding you back from conquering the things that God has placed on your heart? In this audio message, Developing the Spirit of a Conqueror, Dave Williams will take you on a journey of how to use your God-given authority to conquer the obstacles in your way and how to walk the life of a winner.

Sessions Include

  • Session 1: You are a winner
  • Session 2: Defending what you have conquered
  • Session 3: Standing up to your giants
  • Session 4: The root cause of all failure
  • Session 5: Being fruitful in every good work
  • Session 6: Little foxes that spoil success


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