Dismantling Strongholds (CD Set)

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Shattering Five Actions & Attitudes that Block Heaven’s Miracles

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According to St. Paul, the building blocks of strongholds are:

  • Arguments
  • Theories
  • Reasoning
  • Pride
  • Twisted thinking
  • Purposes contrary to God’s truth

In an intimate teaching setting, Dr. Dave Williams exposes the unseen strongholds (fortresses) that thwart God’s blessings and power from flooding your life.

In response to Dave’s cry to God for understanding on why so many believers miss miracles, gifts, graces, and blessings, the Holy Spirit revealed the answer through a vision.
This dramatic teaching will show you how to:

  • Dismantle Strongholds
  • Demolish hindrances
  • Obliterate barricades
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Reap your harvest
  • Receive God’s best

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1 review for Dismantling Strongholds (CD Set)

  1. Mary Ann Saunders

    One of my most favorites of all! Powerful, yoke-breaking, life-changing teaching!

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