End Time Events: Prophetic Storm Clouds on the Horizon (CD Set)


Understanding the ancient biblical prophecies coming true in our day.

(2 Messages + Bonus Message)

BONUS Message: What to Do if You Miss the Rapture—A Plan for Survival

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Today, there is a tremendous level of interest in Bible prophecy and end time events. Long predicted signs are coming to pass in an extraordinary manner. Right now, a “monster” is brewing on the geopolitical horizon. Bible prophecies have become the headlines in our daily newspapers.

Very shortly, this world will reel into its deepest hour of torment and agony. Ominous storm clouds are gathering over the nations. What does this mean to you and your family? Is there an escape for God’s people from the evil times to come?

The answer is yes! St. Paul shared God’s wonderful plan for Christians. This series reveals the long-predicted steps to the fulfillment of God’s prophetic Word, and how followers of Jesus Christ can escape the coming tribulation.

Why is Bible Prophecy Important?

We are approaching eternity at break-neck speed as the prophetic signs become more frequent and increasingly intense. God meant for His people to understand the cryptic prophecies relating to the end time events.

God seems to be engaged in the final round-up right now. Interestingly, most Christians today no longer even know what they believe about Bible prophecy.

Prophecy teaching wins people to Christ. Biblical prophecy is meant to bring comfort for God’s people and simultaneously deliver a warning to those not yet committed to Chris

2 Messages + Bonus Message

BONUS Message: What to Do if You Miss the Rapture—A Plan for Survival
If you failed to prepare for Christ’s second coming, there is no doubt you are in for a terrible time. But all is not lost. You can survive! This CD message will show you how.


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