Engaging the Prophetic Realm (CD)


God doesn’t want you walking in the dark. He knows you need direction in every area of your life…personal, relational, in your work, and planning for your future.

God sheds his light in many ways. He speaks to you through the Holy Spirit, through his Word, and through godly advisers—just to name a few. But one of the most powerful ways he communicates is through prophecy. It is essential that you understand this important method of hearing from God.

Dr. Dave Williams offers a clear presentation of the power of prophecy in this CD set. Listen and learn how to flow in the prophetic realm.

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The Power of Prophecy Revealed

Message 1: The Importance of Engaging the Prophetic Realm
Message 2: Speaking the Prophetic Word
Message 3: Working From the Kingdom
Message 4:
Overcoming Challenges by Engaging the Prophetic Realm
Message 5: Engaging the Prophetic Realm to Reach Others for Christ
Message 6: Engaging the Prophetic Realm with the Revelation of God’s Word
Message 7: 
Partnership with God Through the Prophetic Realm



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