How to be a Failure in Business (MP3 Download)


Success is wonderful. But everyone experiences failure at one time or another. Business failure leads to loss of happiness, joy, relationships, identity, and self-esteem. Failure can be a powerful teacher—if you pay attention. Craig Wieland has had spectacular failures, but ultimately they led him to find his way to great success.
This CD set shares knowledge that will help you avoid the decisions that can lead your business to destruction.

Disc 1: How to Be A Failure in Business—Part 1
Don’t be blindsided by problems that can destroy your business.

Disc 2: How to Be A Failure in Business—Part 2
Learning from failures—don’t set yourself up for a fall.

About Craig Wieland
A self-described “serial entrepreneur,” Craig has started 10 companies over the past 30 years. These experiences have given him a unique perspective on business. Craig’s most successful venture is The Wieland Davco Corporation, one of the leading construction firms in the country. Conversely his several business failures have been just as important in forming his understanding the free market system.

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