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If you believe Jesus is your Savior, you have access to the mightiest power in the universe. You can share in God’s overflowing joy and peace; you can access God’s power and presence in a very personal and intimate way. You can be filled with God’s Holy Spirit.

Get ready for an experience that will change your spiritual life forever!


The mightiest power in the universe

In this CD, Dr. Dave Williams leads you into an understanding of how to have a relationship and be filled with the Holy Spirit. He reveals:

  • False beliefs people hold concerning the Holy Spirit
  • The three dimensions of your relationship to the Holy Spirit
  • The benefits of a relationship with the Holy Spirit
  • How you can be filled with the Holy Spirit

Do You Want the Anointing of Power?

Do you really want an anointing of power for your life and ministry? A deep, fruitful relationship with the Holy Spirit? Do you want gifts of the Holy Spirit to flow through your life? Do you really want to come into the third-dimensional relationship with the Holy Spirit? If so, ask God to fill you with His Spirit.

You may think the gift of tongues is strange sounding at first. But don’t judge it until you see the fruit of your being baptized with the Holy Spirit. A new love will be shed abroad in your heart (Romans 5:5), a new anointing will shine in your life. And, best of all, you’ll become more and more fulfilled in your worship of God.

Are you ready for the adventure? Are you ready for the third-dimensional relationship with the Holy Spirit? Then receive the gift now.

What Holds People back?

Why is it that some believers ask, but never receive? The answer is twofold.

  1. May need to break through many years of false teaching and tradition that has put up stumbling blocks their minds.
  2. They may not be putting action to their faith by speaking forth in tongues. They may be waiting for a special feeling. But the feeling may or may not come until first there is an act of faith.


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