Your Friend: The Holy Spirit (MP3 Download)


A Friend Who Makes all Things Possible

You can be filled with God’s Spirit the Bible way!

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Who is the friend who turns impossible situations into miracles?

What if you had a friend that helped you find lost things every time? Francis Nelson Peloubet called it “The Mightiest Power in all the universe.”

“A movement of the Holy Spirit is coming that will be vast and powerful, t will surpass anything the previous centuries experienced.” -R.T Kendal

“The Holy Spirit has become the displaced member of the Godhead, and the church has endeavored to compensate for His absence by substituting elaborate machinery and programs for the dynamics of the Spirit. Small wonder that the witness of the Church has grown anemic and her influence minimal.” -J, Oswald Sanders

Now you can learn from Dave Williams how your friend, the Holy Spirit can turn your impassible situations into miracles.

The Holy Spirit is…

  • Our master prayer partner
  • Teaches and gives us revelation
  • Comes alongside to help us supernaturally
  • Anoints us to do more that we can humanly do
  • Brings rivers of living water for the desert in your life

You can be filled with God’s Spirit the Bible way!

Do You Want the Anointing of Power?

Do you really want an anointing of power for your life and ministry? A deep, fruitful relationship? Do you want gifts of the Holy Spirit to flow through your life? Do you really want to come into the third-dimensional relationship with the Holy Spirit? If so, ask God to fill you with His Spirit.

You may think the gift of tongues is strange sounding at first. But don’t judge it until you see the fruit of your being baptized with the Holy Spirit. A new love will be shed abroad in your heart (Romans 5:5), a new anointing will shine in your life. And, best of all, you’ll become more and more fulfilled in your worship of God.

Are you ready for the adventure? Are you ready for the third-dimensional relationship with the Holy Spirit?

2 Messages


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