Harvest for Your Life and for Your Business (MP3 Download)


If your finances are in a mess, if creditors know your number and call it constantly, if you don’t know which way to turn then this message is for you. You can decide right now that this is your turn around moment.
When you are trying to attain something you’ve never had before, like financial freedom, you need to seek out the right instruction—and then pay attention to it! Join Michael and Ramona Woods as they share the hard won wisdom they acquired on their journey to the wealthy place. God has a wonderful plan for your life and your finances. Let Michael and Ramona change your thinking so that you can receive an abundant harvest.

Disc 1: Harvest for Your Life and for your Business—Part 1
Transform your thinking for a new result.

Disc 2: Harvest for Your Life and for your Business—Part 2
How to help yourself…don’t focus on the what got you in the pit.

About Michael and Ramona Woods
Michael and Ramona are founders of Ashtae Products, a multi-million dollar corporation, and Black Network Television. They have used these platforms to create jobs and provide services to those less fortunate. They focus on empowering and educating youth on the importance of higher education, financial literacy, business, and entrepreneurship.

About Club 52
Club 52 started with a vision—millionaires with a mission. You can be ordinary…or extraordinary. Learn why only a handful of God’s people experience the power to get wealth. The opportunities are greater now than ever before! Visit www.club52.com for more info.


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