Millionaire’s Audio Bundle (MP3 Download)

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A bundle 67 audio downloads to increase your wealth supernaturally:


8 Principles of Wealth (2 Messages)
Money problems are most likely the result of lack of knowledge, lack of obedience, lack of desire, or making excuses. The truth is, poverty does not bring glory to God. Your prosperity does bring God glory. He wants you to be wealthy so you can advance his kingdom on earth. And, best of all, God has a foolproof plan for outrageous wealth in your life.

Wealth Creation Weekend (25 Messages)
What you hear in these messages is not the same-old save your money, get yourself a budget blah blah. You will hear powerful strategies and unfailing Kingdom principles that will help you to create wealth in your life.

Creating Your New Reality (8 Messages)
How to transform the invisible to the visible and get what you want from life.
What do you want from life? Are you settling for whatever comes, struggling to move forward in your own strength, or are you seeking God’s will for your future? Learn how your thoughts create what you become, with God’s help you can create a new reality!

Formula for Financial Disaster (1 Message)
Why “Playing It Safe” Brings Financial Loss and A Little-Known Secret to Genuine Increase. Dave Williams shows you how to increase your ability to attract investment success. He uses the parable of the talents given by Jesus and presents the concept in a different light than usual.

Harvest for Your Life and Business (2 Messages)
Join Michael and Ramona Woods as they share the hard-won wisdom they acquired on their journey to the wealthy place. God has a wonderful plan for your life and your finances. Let Michael and Ramona change your thinking so that you can receive an abundant harvest.

How to be a Failure in Business (2 Messages)
Success is wonderful. But everyone experiences failure at one time or another. Business failure leads to loss of happiness, joy, relationships, identity, and self-esteem. Failure can be a powerful teacher—if you pay attention. Craig Wieland has had spectacular failures, but ultimately they led him to find his way to great success.

I Had  Poverty Spirit and Didn’t Know it (1 Message)
Dave Williams shares three ageless and immutable principles for breaking the poverty spirit and moving into uncommon wealth. God has called you to go over and not under! Don’t settle for less than what God promised you.

Magnets & Millionaires (5 Messages)
A Club 52 Team up with Dr. Bob Harrison and Dr. Dave Williams.
Topics include: Strategies for Advancement & Increase,  The Law of Attraction,  15 Kinds of People who Can’t be Millionaires, 15 Things you Need to become a Millionaire.

Master Strategy for High Level Achievement (1 Message)
How to Accomplish 100 Times More in Less Time
The Master V7 Strategy will show you why vision and faith with trump brains, talent, time, connections, or education every time.

Wealth 101 (5 Messages)
Most people try to increase their income without changing their concept of wealth. This series is a divine revelation that can bring you into the place the Psalmist called the wealthy place. Join Dr. Dave Williams now as he unfolds the secret of launching your life into the place of greater wealth than you have previously imagined!

What’s Different about Millionaires? (2 Messages)
Do you believe God has called you to be wealthy? God wants to prosper you so that you have everything your heart desires and so that you can give generously into his kingdom. Learn God’s foolproof principles to wealth.

Your Financial Deliverance is Here! (3 Messages)
These powerful messages will transform your life. When you learn to quit trusting yourself, and place your trust in God and his methods of attaining true wealth, you will enter a whole new dimension of prosperity.

You are Destined for Outrageous Wealth (5 Messages)
You can break the power of poverty in your life and move to the wealthy place of God’s abundance. The three legs of success include spiritual, attitudinal, and practical—learn these and bring increase and multiplication to your life!

Your Spectacular Mind (2 Messages)
In this two message set, Dave Williams unlocks the mysteries of the mind, and gives you plans and strategies for developing your mind—an awesome gift from God. You will discover how to transform weakness to strength and failure to fruitfulness by learning to think like God thinks.


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