Net Worth Makeover (Book)


Your Adventure into Financial Restoration

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By Mary Ann Birdsong-Saunders

Do you know how to handle your finances? Have you received training in money management? Lack of knowledge often leads to money problems and debt.

This book is the true story of Mary Ann and Gene Saunders’ journey from overwhelming debt to financial restoration and freedom. She shares how wrong thinking, lack of planning, and ignorance led to their financial woes. Through sharing their hard-won knowledge, you can profit from their mistakes.

The principles in this book apply to all ages. If you have not yet achieved your financial goals, step into the life of Mary Ann Birdsong-Saunders and be encouraged to come in to the wealthy place.

This book is firmly based in God’s principles of wealth and financial success. Revolutionize your life with a net worth makeover!


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