Our Partnership With God (CD)


Every blessing in the Bible is accessible to you.

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The Church is standing on the threshold of a fresh dimension of God’s presence and power. The important question becomes: Will you listen? Dr. Dave Williams shares an inspiring message that will challenge, encourage, and light the way for your successful, soul-winning future.

Every Christian will benefit from learning how to form a partnership covenant with God. When you walk in covenant with him, what’s his becomes yours to use. Every blessing in the Bible is accessible to you, and like a matchstick firmly taped to a steel bar, you cannot be broken. You will learn how to operate—not from earthly resources—but as a believer with full access to God’s Kingdom riches and power.

Share in a solemn moment as these men and women receive a blessing and special impartation to continue the fulfillment of God’s plan in their lives as ordained ministers of God’s Word.


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