Skill For Battle & Jezebel Spirit (Bundle)

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Skill for Battle

The Art of Spiritual Warfare

In the Old Testament, King David’s life was marked by battles. David’s battles were significant—they were fought over land and power, and God gave him victory.

Today, our battles are more significant and the stakes are higher. People’s souls hang in the balance. Will you trust the Lord to prepare you for this battle? Will you enlist as a soldier in this spiritual war? This book is a manual for recognizing the enemy and will show you how to wield the weapons that God provides to victory.

The Jezebel Spirit

Freeing Yourself from the Spirit of Control
What motivates you? God? Self? Others? Christians are vulnerable to manipulation by a spirit of control named Jezebel. This evil spirit awaits any opportunity to seduce you to rebel against true authority. Armor yourself against this vile spirit and its devastating consequences by learning to recognize the wiles of the devil as revealed in The Jezebel Spirit.



Skill for Battle

Satan is in the world

This book calls you to your battle station. It is full of sound, biblical advice; each chapter a blow to Satan’s kingdom—but you must put the principles you learn into practice. Satan already fights to claim your soul. You must learn how to fight back.

This book is a manual of war. It introduces you to what the Bible says about Satan and how he tries to defeat you. Learn the steps to recognize where he’s at work and how to gain mastery over him.

The Bible declares that the devil will work triple overtime in the final hours of history. Like any illegitimate ruler, he struggles to hold onto power. He knows his end draws near. Whether you like it or not, we’re in a war with Satan. His evil influence permeates our society. Sin abounds and people accept as commonplace situations and events that, even a few years ago, they would have found shocking.

Instead of seeking God’s will, political leaders have been known to consult spiritists and astrologers to find out what their next move should be. You can even get your “astrological forecast” from game machines in the foyers of many restaurants. It may seem like harmless fun, but for people who are susceptible, it can be the wedge Satan uses to invade their lives.

Like no other time in history, the devil is using any tool he can find to stir up trouble and ensnare the unwary.

Thankfully, where sin abounds, God’s grace abounds all the more! 

Your Authority As A Christian

The biblical truths in this book hold enough power to permanently thwart the enemy’s plan for you, your spouse, your children, and your friends.

The enemy has no more legal authority over the earth! Jesus holds the keys to hell and stripped away the devil’s power.

A leading cause of defeat among Christians is not realizing our authority in the Name of Jesus. It’s vitally important fact to keep in mind.

When you identify the enemy trying to work your life, take your God-given authority and cast him out! If he comes into your marriage or your family, cast him out! If he comes into your financial affairs, cast him out!

We’ve got the weapons of the Holy Spirit and the Name of Jesus! We’ve got the weapons of the Word of God and intercessory prayer. The church needs to come to a full revelation of the power we have in the Name of Jesus. We can take back all that he stole and one day declare final victory with Jesus over the devil.

Topics Include

  • Grappling With The Supernatural
  • Characteristics Of Satan
  • Spiritual Blindness And False Religions
  • Beating Belial
  • Snares
  • Don’t Mess With God’s Anointed
  • The Jezebel Spirit
  • The Sin of Witchcraft
  • Counterfeit Revelation
  • Satan’s Tactics
  • When You’re Weak and Weary
  • Warning Signs Of Weariness
  • Handling Ridicule
  • Spiritual Warfare Praying

The Jezebel Spirit

Have you ever experienced the feeling of being manipulated or controlled by another human being?

When you feel out of control, it’s a dangerous place to be. Why? Because there is a powerful, spiritual principality that can seduce your life at that point and attach itself to you. This evil spirit awaits any opportunity to seduce you to rebel against true authority. Armor yourself against this vile spirit and its devastating consequences by learning to recognize the wiles of the devil as revealed in The Jezebel Spirit.

There are people who, every day of their lives, feel controlled by other people.

This book explains the spiritual principality that seeks to seduce, dominate, control, manipulate, and intimidate your life — the Jezebel spirit.  And how to break it off your life.

Every young pastor ought to read this book. Because the fact is, for every forty pastors, only three survive. Thirty-seven out of every forty pastors eventually leave the ministry altogether. During times of great discouragement and times of warfare-like oppression. That’s why every young pastor should read this book. It might help you through the rough sailing and the “bumps in the road.”

Topics Include

  • False Prophets
  • Exceeding Authority
  • Maneuvering Into Position
  • How Jezebel Manipulates
  • How Jezebel Destroyed A Church
  • Jezebel’s Bitter End
  • The Sin Of Witchcraft
  • Using Words To Harm
  • Power Over Jezebel’s Witchcraft


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