Strategies for Success in Business and Relationships (CD Set)


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By John and Judy O’Leary

Each day you are faced with problems. Big problems; little problems. Sometimes they are in your business or work life; sometimes they are in your personal life. John and Judy O’Leary share key strategies to show you the way to the path of true success and overcoming your problems. These “keys” are practical and easy to understand. You will enjoy the relaxed, humorous teaching style of this dynamic couple.

Disc 1: Strategies for success in Business and Relationships
Upward giving, becoming a problem solver, loosing a battle to win the war—just some of the topics covered in this message.

Disc 2: Being a good Protégé
Bible-based keys to supernatural advancement through the mentor relationships. What did Ruth do right that Lot did not?

About Club 52
Club 52 started with a vision—millionaires with a mission. You can be ordinary…or extraordinary. Learn why only a handful of God’s people experience the power to get wealth and how to recognize a poverty mentality. The opportunities are greater now than ever before! Visit for more info.

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