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Learn the proven principles of leadership that will launch your life, ministry, business, or job to higher levels of success. Join Dr. Dave Williams on a journey of discovery as he shares the secrets of developing the heart of an authentic leader.

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    • 16 Video Sessions
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    • The Art of Pacesetting LeadershipEbook
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Keys to Gaining the Leading Advantage

Dave Williams is recognized as one of America’s foremost authorities on leadership. In this course, you will learn the proven principles of leadership that will launch your life, ministry, business, or job to higher levels of success. Join him on a journey of discovery as he shares the secrets of developing the heart of an authentic leader in The Art of Pacesetting Leadership.

Dave has trained tens of thousands of men and women in developing the skills they need for true, pacesetting leadership. The internationally acclaimed Pacesetting Leadership Course is being used to equip leaders in North and South America, Russia, Western Europe, Asia, Indonesia, and many parts of Africa. This course has been translated into several different languages including Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Indonesian, and French.

This is the course credited with catapulting Mount Hope Church from 226 to over 4,000! Using this course, a church in Grand Blanc, MI went from 8 to over 1,000.


  1. Qualities of a Master level Leader
  2. Prerequisites for a Master Level Leader
  3. Are you Authentic or Synthetic?
  4. The Kind of Leader God is Looking For
  5. Proper Attitudes for Leadership
  6. Renovating Your Mind for Success
  7. The Dynamic Power of Vision
  8. Faith Goals
  9. Distress Signals
  10. How to Teach Motivationally
  11. Breaking Barriers and Overcoming Obstacles
  12. The Principle of Excellence
  13. The True Purpose of the Church
  14. Authority, Rebellion, and Divine Discipline
  15. Pitfalls on the Pacesetter’s Path: Part 1
  16. Pitfalls on the Pacesetter’s Path: Part 2

Learn How To…

  • Teach motivationally
  • Experience fewer authority issues
  • Launch from aimlessness to purposefulness
  • Grow healthy, servant-hearted disciples in your church
  • Train your leaders in authentic, biblical leadership
  • Get people excited and on board with the pastor’s vision
  • Break the myths, folklore, and lies about church organization
  • Discover the truth about the kind of leaders God seeks
  • Successfully navigate obstacles commonly found in ministry
  • Protect your health from distress in ministry
  • Address authority, rebellion, and divine discipline
  • Address the important principles of education, impartation, and delegation so you can skyrocket your success
  • Use the three vital supports of true leadership: spiritual, attitudinal, practical
  • Avoid self-sabotage and pitfalls of leadership

Get ready to launch your life into a fresh dimension!

Embark on one of the greatest endeavors of your life—becoming a pacesetting leader in whatever you are called to do. The principles in this book will advance your life, and the lives of everyone around you, to greater levels of achievement as you begin to experience and practice the art of pacesetting leadership. These principles have transformed lives, businesses, and ministries for several decades—and they will transform your life and your calling as you put them into action.

At whatever level of leadership you are starting, these principles carry the power to launch you years ahead. They are tried and true; they come straight from the Bible, and they work. Readers naturally come to this book with varying degrees of experience and confidence in their own leadership abilities. Some know they are supposed to be leaders and want to learn more about leading well. Many readers will not even recognize that they are called to be leaders in some area of life. These principles work for you at every stage of leadership. You can be a CEO or a new employee, a seasoned minister or a new mom. What you learn in this book will take you from where you are to where you need to go.

Allow Dr. Dave Williams to be your coach

This course is a step-by-step guide to help you become the pacesetting leader that God wants you to be. With God’s help, Dave Williams will plant principles of leadership into you so you develop the heart of a leader. This is the book doesn’t tell you how to be a leader but instead helps to develop the heart of a leader in you. You won’t just learn leadership, you will become a leader if you’ll allow me to be your coach throughout this study.

Leadership quotes from Dr. Dave Williams:

  • Bishops, pastors, family leaders and Christian businesspeople must understand the character qualities God expects in leadership, as a result and do their best to emulate these attributes, so others can understand what St. Paul calls, “the mystery of godliness.”
  • Never—and I mean never—surrender your leadership to bellyaching complainers, whiners, rebels, or argumentative, antagonistic malcontents. Contentious people hurt churches, especially, when they are in some form of leadership. This is why St. Paul excluded them from the leadership roles when he said, “no strikers.”
  • We never grow in an atmosphere of nitpicking and judgment but in an atmosphere of grace.
  • An individual frozen in the status quo is not a pacesetting leader.
  • Communication is one of the primary keys to being a pacesetting leader.
  • The priceless, most valuable attribute of the pacesetting leader is honesty.
  • An effective, pacesetting leader is one who delegates tasks to the right people.
  • Pacesetting leaders keep things transparent, uncluttered, simple, and consistent.
  • Pacesetting leaders have the capacity to create and impart vision to others

What people are saying:

The bishop in the Russian province of Kaliningrad made The Art of Pacesetting Leadership required reading for all of their pastors. The thing about Pacesetting Leadership that the Russians and I like is that it’s practical and accessible. –Missionary Kerby Rials

I’ve been in the ministry for over twenty years full-time and haven’t seen anything out there that equips people as well as Pacesetting Leadership. –Pastor Norm Oberlin

Two months of Pacesetting Leadership teaching (back in 1988) cleared up eleven years of uncertainty. It was that life-changing. –Pastor Joe Robbe 

After graduating from Bible school in 1991, I started a Bible school back in Africa. Now it is a four-year college that has graduated almost 750 pastors. We use this course as part of our curriculum, in addition we’ve planted more than 300 churches in several African countries. –Bishop Anthony Yeboah

I recently finished teaching my twenty-fifth Pacesetting Leadership class. We could not be doing what we’ve done here without the instruction from this course. –Pastor John Galinetti


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