The Pastors Pay (Book)


Biblical & Practical Principles for Determining the Pastor’s Salary

Dave Williams unfolds both the biblical and common sense principles for determining how much the pastor should be paid. He shines a light on some common misconceptions of how a pastor should be treated financially and the benefits that result when the pastor is treated fairly.

Every church board member, and anyone involved in setting the pastor’s pay, should read this book!

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Simple Answers

This book is a topic that has become a sensitive issue in the church world today—the pastor’s pay.

  • Who sets the pastor’s pay?
  • How much is enough?
  • When should he or she be given a raise?

Generally speaking, people react to the amount of the pastor’s income as a comparison to their own. Why is this? Perhaps it stems from the perception that pastors should suffer financially in order to stay godly and humble. But is this a true perception?

This book is primarily from a biblical and practical perspective, not the pastor’s or the church board’s perspective.

With a group of selected, godly men on our official board the church is growing by leaps and bounds, and there’s a changed attitude among our people. My family now lives comfortably well above the poverty level! Furthermore, God has blessed our church, our staff, our board, and our people with more Holy Ghost anointing than ever before!

I served on a church board as a layman years ago. I know the struggles they often face in setting the pastor’s pay. One member of the board wants to be a “good steward.” Another wants fairness and equity. Still another wants to pay the pastor at least as well as a secular executive is paid. Still another wants to pay the pastor well, “as long as he doesn’t make more than me.” I say all this to illustrate a common problem. How do you set the pastor’s salary? How much should the pastor be paid? There is a tremendous variation of opinion on this matter that only God’s Holy Word and godly common sense can adequately address.

I pray this book helps build a bridge of better understanding between the pastor and those who set their salary.


Topics Include

  • Biblical Principles In Setting The Pastor’s Pay
  • Commonsense Reasons to Pay a Decent Salary
  • Who Sets The Pastor’s Pay?
  • Bless The Pastor, Bless The Church
  • Appreciating Your Pastor
  • Message For Pastors
  • Computing Salaries


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