The Secret of Power with God (Case)

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How to tap the resources of unlimited power

Jesus said, “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.” —Luke 18:27. God has an unlimited supply of power for you to tap into. This book will teach you how to plug into these limitless resources to change the course of your life. Your prayers will become power-packed tools that will help you accomplish the impossible.

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Why Pray?

This book will show you how to tap the resources of unlimited power which could change the course of your life. This book studies, in a simple format, the keys to changing your prayer life into a power-packed time of accomplishing the impossible.

God desires us to have tangible results from our prayer life. Prayer is not to be without results. God encourages us to expect great advantages through prayer. Do you want God’s guidance in your life? Begin a regular time of Bible reading and prayer. God wants us to work with him in a partnership and communication is a vital part of any partnership.

What is the “secret’ of power with God? The answer is so simple that most people overlook it all through life. The secret is faith filled prayer.

Topics Include

  • The Miracle of Thanksgiving
  • Prayer Management
  • What is God’s Address?
  • Three Steps to Discerning God’s Will
  • Principles of Probationary Prayer
  • Forgiveness: A Key to Power
  • Christian meditations
  • Prayer Obstacles

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