Wealth Advantage Christmas Bundle

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The Miracle of Faith Goals

How you can achieve 100 to 1,000 times more in your life.

God plans for everything—from when he spoke forth the universe, to his plan for your salvation, all the way down to this moment in your life. This book reveals how to discover God’s plan for accomplishing profound results through setting and reaching faith goals. You will learn the seven “Vs,” incremental steps, that will help you accomplish 100 to 1,000 times more!

Coming into the Wealthy Place

A secret path to abundance few will ever discover.

God wants you to be wealthy—but only a handful of people ever discover the wealthy place. As a believer, you might think that God encourages a spirit of “poverty.” You might think that poverty glorifies God and proves you have a humble spirit.

Topics Include:

  • What is Your Vision for Wealth?
  • Getting Out of the Mediocre Room
  • God Hates Poverty
  • Fear of the Wealthy Place
  • Prosperity Brings God Pleasure!
  • Fixing Your Vision Problem
  • Come Out of Ignorance and Debt
  • Checklist for Wealth

The lessons you’ve learned are simple, yet profound. Many involve changes you need to make—changes in your lifestyle, your attitude toward money, and your allocation of assets. You may need to start thinking bigger—seeking a God-sized vision.

If you put these principles on this book into action, and are faithful to activate them in your finances, God will bless you. You will find yourself moving from the lower levels of living to the concierge level. God wants you to prosper in every area of your life. Never settle for less than God’s best for you!

You are Destined for Outrageous Wealth

You can break the power of poverty in your life and move to the wealthy place of God’s abundance. The three legs of success include spiritual, attitudinal, and practical—learn these and bring increase and multiplication to your life! Are you ready to jump up from barely getting by to God’s plan for outrageous wealth?

Disc 1: Breaking the MamMon Principality
Disc 2: Don’t Use “Egypt’s” System
Disc 3: God’s Covenant: The Ministry of Wealth
Disc 4: Blessings, First fruits, and Storehouses
Disc 5: Coming into the Wealthy Place

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