While being a part of Salem Family’s “We Who Worship” gathering near Palm Springs this summer, Mary Jo and I met an amazingly impressive young musical artist with a unique presentation of worship music.  His name: Teddy Redsun Orii.

Teddy is an uncommon Cherokee Native American musical artist. He and his team performed at the Los Angeles Music Awards…and Teddy honors Jesus Christ.

Growing up in Inglewood California, Teddy spent his formative years in a home where violence, drugs, and alcohol were part of his everyday life. He often would resort to climbing onto the roof of his own house, just to escape the terrifying things that would take place there. When he was nine years old an elderly man in his neighborhood felt led to share the Gospel with Teddy. Upon praying the prayer of salvation, the wind of the Holy Spirit physically blew through the house, violently moving the window curtains, and marking Teddy for a future work in God.

Teddy blends a unique mix of traditional and hip hop that all ages love. Among his background singers is the amazing Kathy Sledge of “We Are Family” fame. Check out his video, “Praise Him” at and get some copies of his CDs for your children and grandchildren!

My grandson, Brighton, wanted to watch Teddy’s YouTube videos over and over again. Learn more about Teddy Redsun at RedSunMusic.com.

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