Why is it that some people seem to be able to accomplish five times more in half the time?

How is it that some people seem to achieve more in one year than most people do in an entire life-time? What is their secret? I think one of the important keys is concentration, or focus – almost a lost art.

Lee Braxton didn’t even make it to junior high school, yet through concentrated focus, he became a bank president, mayor of his city, and a business executive; owning several companies. At the age of 44, Lee retired and used the rest of his life to serve God through a well-known evangelistic ministry in America.

Lee, though uneducated, achieved more in a few short years than most folks do in their entire lives.

His key: Concentration – Focus

So much clamors for our attention today, distracting those who could be super achievers if they’d only learn to concentrate.

We had a saying around our church: “Winners focus; losers spray.” An example of spraying would be giving 10 percent of your energy to 10 different projects. This keeps you from giving 100 percent to any one project. You can’t keep adding things to your life without eliminating some other things. Every so often you have to take an inventory of your commitments and say, “What is my primary focus? What commitments need to stop?”

If you find yourself stressed out or lacking excitement for your task, it may be that you have taken on too many things in your enthusiasm to grow and serve. Prune your schedule back if needed. Make it a winning day today by focusing on that which is important. Pacesetting leaders focus.

On the other hand, there are those I call “Fuelers.” They’re upbeat, positive, full of faith and motivation, and you feel good when they’re around. Fuelers add something to your life; they give you fuel. Drainers, well, they just drain you.

Life is made up of fuelers and drainers. Fuelers are loved and appreciated. Drainers are, at best, just tolerated. Be a fueler, not a drainer. These are two keys to making this the best year of your life.

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