I’m going to give you a secret that only a handful of people on earth will ever discover.  It’s so simple.

A secret that is so powerful, it can bring you unimaginable wealth in a short time, if you are willing and obedient (Isaiah 1:18-19)

Frequently, you’ll hear people say, “Oh, there are more important things than money.”

Yes, there are more important things. But if you wish to lavishly support missions and gospel ministries, send your kids to the best colleges, and eat healthy food, want to travel, live in a nice home, drive a dependable car, or have a generous lifestyle you need money.

Now, here’s the secret found in Psalm 66:12:  “… we went through fire and through water: but thou brought us out into a wealthy place.”

Many are trying to get into the wealthy place without coming out of the mediocre room of scarcity, debt, and lack. People want wealth, but only a few are willing to come out of the place they are in their thinking, believing, praying, and their actions.

Only a few will step away from everything that hinders their trip into the wealthy place. Others begin the journey and then retreat into old patterns, flinging their lives back into the prison of the mediocre room.

But you are one of the few

You are going to come OUT and INTO a wealthy place.

I took my wife on an amazing Valentine’s vacation this year.  We flew first class, I arranged for a concierge level hotel suite and spa right on that Atlantic Ocean, complete with marble floors, two bathrooms and showers, Jacuzzi, and a huge balcony overlooking the ocean. It was romantic and beautiful. Then we traveled to the Florida Keys to spend a great week with four intercessor couples. After that, I had booked another concierge level suite to enjoy a couple more days alone with my Valentine, before our flight back to Michigan.

I don’t feel guilty a bit about this luxury two weeks. You see, I realized that over 65% of our family budget now is going to church, charity, and missions.

When you’re living on the concierge level of life, you’re not criticizing the ones who are on the first floor. You’re not belly-aching about those who are only on the second floor. But you’re always trying to lift people up to your higher level.  Some refuse, some resist, and others outright reject your willingness to speak into their lives. But others are grateful and begin to move up.

The truth is wealth begins with a mindset.

Here are some secrets you must know:

  1.  Wealth is a choice (because you can choose your mindset)
  2. Wealth is not something you run after; it’s something you attract by getting an accurate grip FIRST on the theology of wealth (what God says about it), SECOND, the psychology of wealth (your thoughts and words), and THIRD the appropriate practical actions toward wealth.
  3.  The outer is a reflection of the inner – (this is both a theologically and psychologically sound principle). Ruth attracted Boaz. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and Solomon all attracted wealth.
  4.  You attract wealth by (1) believing what God says in His covenant. (2) Develop a wealth perspective in both thoughts and words, (3) Taking action in faith

Do you think there’s something special about millionaires?

Millionaires are just like everyone else with two exceptions: One, they think differently.  Two, they know how to accumulate wealth.

​​​They have a unique perspective on business, money, and success that has lifted them to millionaire status, like an elevator can lift you to the concierge level of the hotel.

​​​Millionaires don’t have this unique perspective because they are rich. They are rich because they do have this unique perspective.

​​​The good news is perspective is free. Only a handful of people will ever come into the wealthy place. Only 4% will become financially independent. Only 1% will move to multi-millionaire status.

Why? It all boils down to perspective.  That’s the secret.

You can make a living, or you can build a life and make a fortune if you develop the right perspective.  The key to wealth is not money, but instead, it’s an attitude, philosophy, perspective.

Unless you move, you will always stay where you are. Choose today to move out of mediocre thinking, and into the wealthy place.

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