Open your eyes to a world beyond your natural, limited seeing, hearing, and feeling!

Lay the foundation of prophetic symbolism and healing!

  • Do you want your current spiritual perspective to be stretched?

  • Do you want to learn how to access the Supernatural Realm of God’s Invisible Kingdom?

  • Do you want to encounter the supernatural realm?

  • Do you want to enjoy spiritual encounters with the Lord?

Seminar for Today's Prophets & Seers

Saturday, October 7
2:00-8:00 p.m

Gilead Healing Center
306 S. Creyts Rd. Lansing, MI  48917

Learn to see into the spiritual realm and to hear God’s Voice

Discover the keys to “Prophetic Evangelism”

Activate your dreams, visions, spiritual eyes, and ears

An acceleration of anointing is being released!

The Father is calling YOU into a fresh dimension of intimacy. YOU can see into the spiritual realm!

Free Ebook: Dreaming Dreams in the Night Seasons

Dreams have gotten a bad rap.  In this Ebook, Dreaming Dreams in the Night Seasons, learn the difference between a dream and a vision, why God speaks in dreams, and how to receive a dream from God.

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Look into Heaven While Standing on Earth

Dear Seers and Future Seers,

As a pastor, I’ve met many people through the years who said they were “prophets.” It got to a point where inner “buzzers” went off whenever I encountered another Christian who claimed they were a prophet. Everything changed when God opened my eyes to realize I needed all the gifts in place, not only my teaching ministry and the kind of gifts that seemed more “normal.”

So…today it’s different. I have both seen and experienced the blessing of genuine prophetic ministry and have a lineup of truly gifted prophetic intercessors. They peer into God’s world and pray things into existence that once existed only in the unseen world.

This October, we will be conducting a one-day introduction seminar in Lansing, Michigan. God is speaking today and giving supernatural revelations that harmonize perfectly with His Word.

1 Corinthians 14:31
For ye may all prophesy one by one, that all may learn, and all may be comforted.

Don’t let this next global move of God pass. This may be our final opportunity to bring Jesus to our communities…and to the world, before He returns.

I am convinced that we are on the verge of the greatest outpouring of God’s Spirit. And those who know how to penetrate the spirit realm and engage the prophetic will be on the leading edge.

I believe we are on the edge of something big. And when God’s people understand the New Testament prophetic gifts, and walk in Christ’s love, using these gifts, millions will be swept into the Kingdom!

Prophets are arising now! See you there!
Dave Williams

One of the deepest desires of God’s heart is to
enjoy communication and fellowship with you

What People Are Saying about the Seminar:

This seminar changed my life. I feel that I can continue to grow in the direction God is moving me.


The teaching has developed my God-confidence and enhanced my spiritual visual acuity.


My gifts have been stirred. I feel encouraged, refreshed and feel that something has been unlocked in me. Thank you!


I am forever changed. I expect to hear the voice of the Lord to give a word of encouragement to everyone God sends me to.


This seminar propelled me forward into fast lane, but with caution. Greater confidence, faith.


​Awesome and life-transforming! Thank you for honoring our King and making Him the primary focus of every session and lesson. I am more in love with God and the prophetic!


Teachers & Trainers

Dave & Mary Jo Williams

Rick & Michelle Brown

Don & Lisa Benson

Rick & Lydia Ferrigan

Gaze into the Realms of God

Online RSVP is closed, but we have a seat for you!

Check-in begins at 1:30 on Saturday, October 7 at Gilead Healing Center.

Select the number attending above. Registration materials not guaranteed for registrations at the door.

Scholarships are made possible by Strategic Global Mission. By registering for the event you agree to the terms and conditions stated in the Attendee Participation Agreement.

Traveling from outside Lansing? Here are a few hotel recommendations.

Free Ebook: Dreaming Dreams in the Night Seasons

Dreams have gotten a bad rap.  In this Ebook, Dreaming Dreams in the Night Seasons, learn the difference between a dream and a vision, why God speaks in dreams, and how to receive a dream from God.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did we develop the seminar for Today’s Prophets and Seers?

A: The seminar is designed to help you come out of the shadows and into the fullness of your calling from God. We are here to encourage and equip you in your prophetic anointing and seer calling.

Q: How will this seminar benefit me?

A: You will grow in closeness to God
You will discover how to “see” things others do not, preventing dangers in your life and family (also business and ministry)
You will learn how to be effective in your prophetic ministry, bringing supernatural results
Whether you are a pastor, professor, or marketplace worker, you will benefit by recognizing the voice of God and understanding His methods of communication
Parents will learn to know things supernaturally about their children and help them to avoid pitfalls and traps in which so many others have become entangled
You will learn to work arm-in-arm with the Holy Spirit

Q: I thought seers were something like witches. So how do the seers you talk about differ?

A: The seer was part of the prophet anointing biblically. In fact, Scripture tells us that prophets were also called seers. Yes, there are plenty of counterfeits. But remember, Satan only counterfeits that which is genuinely of God. If God did not anoint and call seers, Satan would not make a counterfeit to deceive people. This course will teach you how to maintain clear discernment between the true and the false, using God’s Word as the main textbook.

Q:  Can anyone be a prophet?

A: There are three levels related to prophetic ministry. The first level is for ALL BELIEVERS. Yes, all believers may access the spiritual realm and have the God-given ability prophesy according to their authority sphere.  Perhaps after becoming fruitful in the first level, you’ll discover God moving you into the second or third levels.

Q: What if I make a mistake?

A: If you are walking in love, doing your best to encourage and build up, and you make a mistake it, admit that you missed it. This is why the course is great. We will help you to become accurate and give you the four foundational building blocks for living a supernatural life.

Q: Is this something like Shawn Bolz teaches?

A: Exactly! Shawn is an amazing example of accuracy and God’s love. You want people to sense the presence of Jesus in your life. In fact, you may even see a few clips of Shawn in the classes.

Q: Are all the presenters qualified?

A: You can only impart what you already have. Dave Williams has proven for over three decades that he hears from God in discerning of spirits, visions, and prophetic words. Often while Dave would preach, he’d receive words of knowledge and incorporate them into his message, and people would regularly and repeatedly say, “I felt like you were talking right to me.” The others have proven themselves time and time again. Often the prophetic team travels with Dave on larger ministry trips to be his prophetic intercessors. Each is proven in accurate prophetic words and “seeing” in the spirit.

Q: I’m a pastor and have had lots of trouble with prophets who tried to control the church and me. How does this seminar address the annoyance of these people who claim to be prophets?

A: Dave Williams was a pastor for 31 years and had the same encounters. In this seminar, he will be covering the difference between the true and the false as well as covering the biblical protocol and ethics of a person who releases prophetic words. Not only will pastors be encouraged by the genuine prophetic people, but they will want more of them!

Q: What if I’m afraid of seeing something in the spirit realm?

A: God has not given any of us a spirit of fear. The seminar is a safe place; a training ground for your future effectiveness. We’ll cover the role of faith in engaging the spiritual realm. Faith will always drive out fear.

Q: What if I think I have a word from the Lord but wonder if it’s only my imagination?

A: That is so common for all of us. We will show you how your imagination is located very close to your spiritual receiver and how to discern a real word from God.

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