Dave Williams Ministries Seminars

Prophets & Seers Master Class

The master class goes beyond the School lessons by providing master-level research on the student’s part, along with activations in the realm of the supernatural. If you wish to teach the prophetic principles to others, this class will help equip you.

Sundays, Oct 6-27 2019*
Lansing, MI
Center for Pacesetting Leadership
2:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m.

Learn About:

  • The Glory Realm
  • The difference between a prophet and a seer prophet
  • Discerning of spirits and seeing into the invisible world
  • Dreams and Interpretations
  • Criticism and answering the critics Biblically

Turning Ordinary Talks into Heavenly Impartations

Learn to Communicate with a heavenly impartation. How to make convincing presentations, lessons, sermons and lectures

Sunday, November 17
Lansing, MI
Center for Pacesetting Leadership
2:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m.

Targeted Toward:

  • Presenters
  • Preachers
  • Teachers
  • Business People
  • Sales People

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What People Are Saying:

Wish I knew this stuff years ago! This has changed the way I think in so many ways and caused me to make decisions and choices differently. 


My thinking has been transformed and enlarged to look for opportunities as well as believing God and his word in a new way. 


Since making my dream page a few weeks ago, four of the goals on my page I now have.


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[FREE 2 Session Audio]
[FREE 2 Session Audio]